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Hi guys!

A few days ago I was listening "Goal Line", a song from Argonavis, and then I thought some...

Hi guys!

A few days ago I was listening "Goal Line", a song from Argonavis, and then I thought some things.

Before we start, do you know Argonavis? It's a japanese boy band, and it is ALSO from BanG Dream! The difference is that (obviously) there are only boys on this band. This comes as an alternative for the female audience and people who doesn't want/like girl bands. Look at their channel! Their musics are really good!

But wait? Does it mean we will have boys on our game? NO. It was already stated that these projects won't merge. Considering the Japanese fans (but not only them), I think it's almost impossible at this point, because of the "type" of project that Bandori is. As a "waifu game", it isn't normal that out of nowhere a boy comes and interact with our "precious beings", and making this might disappoint some fans, with a feeling of "cheated" if you know what I mean.

Okay, but why am I talking this? Imagine: what if they decided to add some boys in this game too? Think about a interaction between female AND male characters in the game. As impossible as it is, I couldn't stop thinking about this possibility, and even imagine some characters inside this story, thinking about their personalities and interactions.

So, there's some guys I thought would be nice or at least funny to see inside the game (not necessarily needs to be from Argonavis):

Boy no.1: A shy type, normally quiet and doesn't interact, and since he is so shy, he can't talk with girls properly, being always nervous and mispeaking every phrase. This boy would be interesting to see with girls who are always teasing others, like Lisa or Moca (just imagine them teasing someone shy like this), or with clumsy ones like Aya or Himari (two goofies talking to each other would be very funny xD).

Boy no.2: More vivid and excited, adore girls. He is always being the typical gentleman, and is always complimenting the girls' appearances. But on the contrary of Kaoru, he is not popular and always got rejected. This type would be really interesting to see with more agressive characters like Arisa or Tomoe (imagine Arisa kicking him everytime he appears, just like Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach always does), or with serious ones like Sayo and Chisato (they would really be funny in rejecting him everytime). Shy girls also would be interesting, like Rinko or Kanon (fueee).

Boy no.3: A trap. Yeah, a trap. A guy who looks like a girl at first sight, but act as a real boy. He only wants to be recognized as a man, but no one notices. He might be funny with Kaoru; since she is not the smartest person in Bandori, she always thinks he is a girl, and act as she normally is next to him (calling him "little kitty" or things like that).

Boy no.4: He is a jerk, thinks that boys make music better than girls and act like this, always disdaing the other bands. He may be more a "villain" in the story, just to make it more interesting with conflicts and all. He is perfect to contrast with Ran and Yukina, since they are really prideful on themselves. To be honest, it would be really interesting seeing his development with all the girls, learning that everyone can make music.

Boy no.5: He is the only boy I did not "create", I just thought on some personality for this nameless character, being the older Kitazawa. Yes, he is Hagumi's older brother, who she sometimes refer on her conversations. Since Hagumi does not have a good relationship with her parents (as said on her initial 3* episode), he would be the one that she interacts inside the family. He sees what their parents does, so he took the responsability in being the one that takes care on her sister. But the problem is he is overprotective, loving and talking about her so much he is always called a "siscon", even Hagumi not noticing and thinking it's something normal. Obviously he would have a strong interaction with Hagumi, maybe even more cute than the Udagawas (but I'm almost sure this is impossible), but he would easily have an interaction with Kokoro and Kasumi for example, since they are really close friends. He would also be funny to see with Misaki; she would always be keeping an eye on him because of her excessive care with Hagumi (and thus, caring about Hagumi's well-being). And to not only about the girls, he would interact a lot with the 2nd boy: since he would always compliment girls, it's obvious that seeing Hagumi he would act at the same way, but the 5th would never let him get close on his precious sister. As you may noticed, he would be my favorite among these five.

To finish, would I like to see some guys interacting in the game? Yes and No.

I really think it would be nice to see interactions, dialogues and situations with boys too, since they would have different experiences, just like on normal slice of life animes, or even in comedy ones like "Blend-S". On the other hand, I think it may lose the funny thing about Bandori, the "GIRLS BAND Party", and it might lose its "spirit".

I understand why we don't have boys on our game, but possibilities are always there, so it wouldn't be impossible.

Thanks for reading and until next time! ;)