February 11, 2019 17:05:45 +0000 (UTC)


how many followers each of the bandori girls would have on instagram

kasumi- 20 (shes trying to get more tho

rimi- 10 because she keeps losing followers cause she posts one single image of a choco coronet

tae- 200 or so because people like rabbits a lot

saaya- she runs a good business so probably 5000? i dunno shed be fairly popular

arisa- probably doesnt have instagram because she doesnt care about social media

ran- she doesnt post much, but has around 500 followers

moca- she has 600 because she only posts memes

himari- has 4 followers and thats the other afterglow members

tomoe- 60 followers

tsugumi- probably posts cute aesthetic pictures of her cafe which gives her 200 followers. she's trying her best.

kokoro- the suits make people follow her so shes got 1 million followers

kaoru- she has 4000 followers, and theyre all female somehow

hagumi- she doesnt use instagram and uses twitter instead

kanon- has a loyal 40 followers, but she doesnt really care how many she has

misaki- she doesnt really care about social media so she has an instagram but only to see the posts from her band members

aya- she tries her best to promote her account but still only has 100 followers

hina- has 500000 followers somehow

chisato- has 20000 followers due to being a famous child star

maya- posts cool drum covers and has 400 followers

eve- has 200 followers. 100% them are devoted to bushido

yuknia- has no time for social media

sayo- only has instagram to compete with hina. she has 200 followers. she rarely posts

lisa- her instagram is devoted to nail art and she has 3000 followers

ako- certified meme lord with 10k followers

rinko- fully supports ako's memes. she doesnt post anything because shes too shy but still has 100 followers somehow