January 11, 2019 03:10:01 +0000 (UTC)


hey fam beans tols smlls and mediuols alike

this is not related to bandori but i decided yesterday i apparently dont like my dreadlocks and ill be spending the next few days combing all 40 something of them out

its been well over a year since ive seen my hair non-dreaded and all i can say is that its gotten startlingly long. and really big and fluffy

guys im sorry but i have not been a real boy all this time. i discovered that i am a bushido dad afro curly sheep man boy guy. primarily a sheep

yes. my power is returning to me even now and it feels bleating amaAAAhHHzing

once i achieve full curly sheep boy fluffyness, i suspect that the sheep boy hunters will come after me, to make me live on their farm where no animals sre allowed to play bandori. but they are allowed to be eaten

if u see a black sheep walking down the street, sorry. that is probabyl me. anyone who shears my afro fluff will be granted immense shuwa shuwa pastel fuwa sparkle shimmer glittter lick for a whole year

ok catch u cool cats later i gotta go comb the rest of these dreads out to become the fluffy sheep i was destined to be