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January 10, 2019 18:49:16 +0000 (UTC)


Ok so I just saw the event cards and right now I really hate my habit to spend all of my stars the microsecond I get enough for a 10-pull.

I really want that Tae card and I bought a few stars to try my luck on daily single pulls because I have about 100 free stars rn...

Wish me luck :DDD

PULL 2 (didn't screenshot pull 1 but it was initial 2* aya) image Saya came to wish me luck for tomorrow's pull, that's so nice of you, thanks!

PULL 3 image Good girl, but not best girl. See you tomorrow!

PULL 4 image At this point I'd smile at least as much as Kokoro when I wouldn't get an onstage char...

PULL 5 image I already have the Bushido, Bushimo! Pretty please don't make this a sad post at the end of the day!

PULL 6 image Ayy, that's actually boppin' food for Michelle Stickers! ...that sounds kinda mean, I'm sorry Hina, I luv u!

PULL 7 image Hey, hey,... oh. But thanks for not being an onstage unit, still. I'll take your positive spirit and use it for the rest of the gacha :)

PULL 8 image One supporting two, huh? Thank you <3

PULL 9 image At least one is Poppin' and Happy! I'd like a Poppin' member, too, to be truly happy!

Time is running out! I have, like, one pull left and gotta farm some free stars asap!


Ok so I FCed every song I didn't so far real quick and barely crossed the 2500. Let's see how this turned out! image Aaaargh, I'm not ungrateful for the new Tomoe, but that pull was kinda underwhelming.

Golden Ticket

I know, Tae isn't in there, but I could get another unit I really wanted and don't have so far. image Bless me, Ako! Please! This card is a mirror of me rn!

k can't farm anymore so I gotta wait for the event reward and do single pulls.

So I'll just uh not make this post unnecessarily longer as it needs to be. Sadly, Tae forgot her phone so she couldn't find back home from her latest LIVE. So she went home with Kasumi, who wanted to thank Tae for cheering her up. I'll come get her one day, maybe.

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