December 27, 2018 07:39:17 +0000 (UTC)


Hello there!

This is pretty much a follow-up regarding the most recent post I made.

Another series of events happened on my end (turned out to be for the better) so I kind of got some help.

I was told that what I'm experiencing is called a "tremor". Definitely not some serious disease but it greatly hinders daily activities.

Stepping away from technically all rhythm games I've been playing has somehow been showing an effect (despite me being stubborn enough to play a few songs in Free Live during Christmas Day while lying down due to a high fever).

Since the good results came out quite fast, it seems like stress is still the main reason underlying this thing... I occasionally experience tremors before, but not as severe as it was a couple of days / weeks back.

Therefore, in contrast to that recent post (which I'll try removing after typing this), I won't be retiring myself from the game. I'll just take a long hiatus, enough to perhaps fully recover. Though the part regarding when I'll step back remains the same, which is after NFO. (I do hope I'd get NFO Rinko... if not, maybe some one else can do it for me while I rest? Just kidding.)

Until the day I full recover, I will continue lurking around here and read everyone else's posts. Even the tiniest memes here can make my day better.

I wish you all the best~