December 26, 2018 22:49:45 +0000 (UTC)


whats good fam can we have another talk,, ok so i am sure that i'm straight but sometimes y'all, sometimes i be playing fire emblem heroes or utapri and look idk

i'm not saying i understand the whole step on me thing yet cause y'all be on another level w/ it, wanting these bandori characters to rob y'all at gunpoint and kick sand ur eyes, but when i see certain feh dudes like dorcas, linus, or xander, or in the case of utapri ren or natsuki, something in my bushido dad brain just kind of

turns highkey homo u know what i mean

i';m dying oml like i dont feel that way about guys irl u know?? ppl have asked me if i'm gay before bc i never date and i never hesitate to say no, ive seen some irl dudes and its like "oh hes a handsome dude" but in that way u can just appreciate a good-looking person that ur not attracted to if u catch my drift

but it is 100% full homo w/ some of these fictional dudes in the games i be playing fam and i cant explain it. i would let these dudes pick me up and just carry me away on some real talk and i dont know why, ive never felt that way about a single girl character ever

the best way to explain it is that, if i had to, i think i could totally write a male character that is designed to appeal to girls, not bc i'm a wizard or anything but bc the marketing that tends to work on some girls seems to really work on me too for some reason and i dont know why

i was thinking about this today and idk i just wanted to share my thoughts w/ y'all lmao