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December 25, 2018 04:46:39 +0000 (UTC)


This post is a lengthy one so I'll try n keep it short

I see you guys making bandorisonas (?) or smthn like that so I would like to bring to your attention three (3) free art programs that you can use for digital editing/graphics!

Note: I'm one of the staff members that makes the graphics you see around the site but more primarily, the Twitter. Before I begin, I'd like to mention that the program that you use does not define the work you can create. I've been making graphics with free programs from 2013-2018. I've experimented with 2-3 different programs before I decided to get Photoshop. There are a lot of great things you can do with PS that you can easily accomplish with other programs. If you need any tips on how to do something feel free to let me know ♥ Good luck with making bandorisonas, everyone!

FireAlpaca/MediBang Paint This is the program i'm most comfortable with. On the PC it's called FireAlpaca, and on mobile(!) devices it's better known as MediBang Paint. For a free program it's really, really generous with the things you're capable of doing. I've been able to make graphics that you would think was made on PS. If you're starting out, FireAlpaca may be the best for you. The Interface is quite simple and despite there being limited tools compared to PS, you can still work things nicely (if you want to see some of the works i did on FireAlpaca feel free to ask!)

GIMP GIMP is definitely a wildcard program, hit or miss if you will. I've heard both negative and positive reviews on it. There are a lot of tools and brushes on GIMP that you can use, The interface is abit different from the other 2 programs here, but don't be intimidated by how much tools there are!

Krita Krita is the last program I want to talk about, but also the one I know the least of. It initially seems like a drawing program, but many drawing programs are effective with graphic design. Based on videos I've seen, the interface + tool selection is quite similar to PS.

Edit: One more thing I'd like to say is be careful where you download your resources. I have linked the official site for all 3 programs so you can safely download the programs on their respective site. PLEASE take caution on the programs you download, and make sure the site you're downloading it from is the official site.