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May 17, 2018 04:32:50 +0000 (UTC)


The plan was to keep my activitiy rambling positive, but... I'm starting to get real tired of the people who disconnect on purpose.

All you're doing is waste everybody's time and mental energy, including your own. Play granblue if all you care about is efficiency, or Cytus or Project Diva or whatever (solo) rhythm game strikes your fancy if you only want to play your favorites. I can't be the only person you're pissing off with your selfishness. It can't be the purpose of this game to open Discord every time I want to play just to find a private room instead.

This is such a nice game, multi lives are such a fun feature... but at this rate there's bound to be That One Aborted Live that will end it for me. Please don't make it happen for such a dumb reason.