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twitter saw it first ![afsdkl](
May 10, 2019 21:42:01 +0000 (UTC)

Here are some super late doodle requests! 

Sayo in Saaya's hairstyle was requested by...

Here are some super late doodle requests!

Sayo in Saaya's hairstyle was requested by Kiyasuriin!

Kasumi and Tomoe were requested by StanKasumi!

Chisato and Kaoru were requested by StArLiTe!

May 26, 2019 05:27:50 +0000 (UTC)

# day ten: favorite harohapi charter ### i feel like you guys can just guess by looking at my icon or by just smelling me. ### I SMELL LIKE A KOKORO TSURUMAKI STAN ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image]( note that these cards are not my "favorite" kokoro cards, because i love all kokoro cards AAAAAAAAAAAFHDSJGSIDJGHJKASFAOKFJAOKJ AAA AA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAA あああああああああああああ!!! i love kokoro tsurumaki so much it isnt even funny like i would wholeheartedly eat my toes for her?? i would kill a man for her?? and quite possibly a woman??? there are no words in this dictionary that could possibly convey how much i love this girl but i can always try do you want my tragic epic backstory? no? ok well you have it anyways i joined the bandori fandom thanks to my dearest hellkawa twin natsundere (thanks aisu ur the hina to my stupid). thus, i joined endori in june of last year during the wedding event, and just the beginning of white beginnings paspal event. at that point i had no idea what to do (thus i had no idea what the frick a gacha was, so i missed out on my limlim tomoe rimi chance). also, note how that both events i just mentioned have nothing to do with kokoro tsurumaki in no way. how could i claim to have loved her from the beginning if my intro to endori had absolute zero to do with her? after all, the intro to the game is basically popipa-centric. the thing was, i didnt love kokoro from the start. i dont actually quite remember who my very first best girl was, but i remember doting heavily on afterglow and i believe lisa?..,, but either way, i was not associated with hello happy world even remotely and even then, my favorite from harohapi was kanon. however, as i delved deeper into area conversations and band stories and rereading the happy phantom luxury cruise, i found out that my burning love for kokoro was much more vibrant than i had ever known. generally, in real life, im more of a quiet, introverted girl when not spoken to. its hard for me to freely speak with new people because of my over self-consciousness and pure doubt of my own ability. but seeing kokoro in conversations and events, being able to speak like there was nobody else, being so vibrant and filled with life, it really just struck deep into me?? here was this bubbly, blonde, rich girl who basically was the embodiment of sparkles, smiley faces, and circus treats. topping it off, she was a genius (although not a sky-breaking genius like hina, but still a genius), which i was certainly not. in fact, i had often undergone terrible thoughts and times because i hated /not/ being a genius, i hated being so stupid and i hated just taking days or weeks to learn a concept that took others a few minutes. you could say that i had, or have, an inferiority complex, which is actually not that wrong. this initially made me turn away, because i either am inclined to hate or love characters that are nearly stark opposite from i am. so in this case, i was prepared to hate this little baby with all my heart. i was prepared to loathe this baby girl who was FICTIONAL because she just had natural talents that i did not, which ive learned to accept is fine! but i couldnt bring myself to do it, not after delving even deeper. kokoro is often found smiling, cheerful, and happy-go-lucky. its rare to make her frown or sad, and even in chapter2 band story shes generally happy and determined. this ended up intriguing me because usually characters like this end up having a deeper side to them behind the facade- and i know, trust me, i have written ocs who are generally like that. craftegg still refuses to give me kokoro development, so all we know is that kokoro is a rich girl who is practically a game show host and will eat your limbs if you make her friends sad and then end up apologizing and buying you prosthetics casually. ive seen many rich characters, and many were bitter in /some/ way, so why was kokoro an exception? no matter how talented you may be, you cant fake everything you have and manipulate it into happiness. this was what brought me to love kokoro. she was so caring for all of her friends no matter what and was willing to go through crazy circumstances to make them happy. this unconditional kindness, no matter what her personality is like, is just so pure and sweet and i love it so much ok ive run out of vocab so STAN KOKORO TSURUMAKI!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST GIRL!!!!!! kokohina
May 25, 2019 11:24:41 +0000 (UTC)

![The]( I forgot to post this on here oopsies,, anyway, Kashumi with Karen's outfit!
May 26, 2019 03:40:22 +0000 (UTC)

EDIT: I FORGOT TO ERASE THE PART OF THE GUITAR TO SHOW THAT SHE'S HOLDING THE GUITAR DDXXXXX (She was supposed to be in the rain and on stage) I tried my best! When ever I get the chance to buy the offical paint tool sai, she will have a background. <: - (when the bootleg program runs out of data, it tells me to stop adding more lines, color etc)
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  You sick and tired of duplicate 3 and 4 stars?
Kaoru has given you the chance to...

You sick and tired of duplicate 3 and 4 stars?

Well...* Kaoru has given you the chance to get receive luck from her dropping stars into her wishing well, just to help you get better characters! You better thank your favorite actress!

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Here's another doodle request! I'm definitely going to turn this one into a full illustration. Thank...
Here's another doodle request! I'm definitely going to turn this one into a full illustration. Thank you Amerena for the request!
May 25, 2019 10:18:47 +0000 (UTC)

im saving for mermaid sayo on EN and i *really really really* want her and even after 20k+ stars periodically spent on trying to get her, i have yet to get a sayo 4* so i drew her, praying that she'll come home! ![X]( ## [on twitter]( edit 26/5/19: oh, i see ![b](
May 25, 2019 22:46:51 +0000 (UTC)

Here's the first doodle request! I really love this one and I think I might turn it into a full...
Here's the first doodle request! I really love this one and I think I might turn it into a full drawing later. Thank you RealSayo for the request!
May 03, 2019 15:15:25 +0000 (UTC)

Edit of my favorite girl from each band and my favourite 4 🌟 card outfit from each of...

Edit of my favorite girl from each band and my favourite 4 🌟 card outfit from each of them [Currently using it as my phone homescreen]

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I dreamed of this event tonight ... so why not write it out fully, yo! --- ## Postage Panic!? Sayo, Moca and Packages from Far Away **Attribute:** Pure **Type:** Challenge Live **Event Songs:** [Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package]( by Roselia, COMIC PANIC!!!, Kimi jya Nakya Dame Mitai **Gacha:** *A Foreign Leitmotif* Gacha **4\*s:** ![Image](![Image]( **Gacha 3\*:** ![Image]( **Event 3\*:** ![Image]( **Event 2\*:** ![Image]( ### Story Sayo was asked by the Hanasakigawa choir to help them find an arrangement for a certain song they want to sing. She does find one, and it's perfect - but it's one she'd have to buy and have the sheet music flown in from America. She's ordered stuff online before, but only in the country, and being as meticulous as she is, she doesn't really know if she can trust this site. Reasonable distrust turns into overthinking, but it really is a perfect arrangement from what she saw of the preview and she doesn't want to give the choir anything she'd consider worse. A day later, Roselia and Afterglow happen to meet at CiRCLE, and Sayo is still mumbling about her problem. Moca catches her doing that and, as someone who regularly orders stuff from outside the country, she decides to help her out. Except it's still Moca, and she won't let this opportunity pass without having a little fun with her rival guitarist, something that Tomoe comments on worriedly, but Moca assures her it's "gonna be just fine, Tomo-chin~". They start meeting up and, just to make sure that shipping and all works out, decide to try out smaller and less important things first. From then on it's mostly mostly of Moca and Sayo ordering increasingly ridiculous cheap stuff that they don't know what to do with ... It's actually really fun, but when Sayo finally orders the sheet music, she underestimates shipping times and almost loses it over how long it takes ... It's definitely a more comedic event lol. Meanwhile, Aya and Kasumi ended up listening in on the choir for vocal practice reasons and they notice Sayo apologising profusely to the club president for taking so long. When they get caught up on why that's the case, they start rambling about how they also ordered something online a while ago and both of their packages happened to get lost, which obviously stresses Sayo out immensely. In the end, it turns out that the sheet music has arrived that very day ... At Moca's place. Because they used Moca's address when they ordered it together. Sayo is kind of ashamed that something like this would happen to her, but in the end she's just happy everything worked out fine and she can give the choir the sheet music that's best for them. And she's closer with Moca now! ### Cards The trained cards are a postman set, obviously. What else? Think [this Dia](, but more detailed and with more gold accents. It's night and there's planes in the background, as you can see out of the window of the antique-looking postage building they're in. **Sayo** ("Careful Contemplation") - *untrained:* in front of her computer, frowning at it. Hina's looking in from the door, wondering what has her sister so concerned. (This is also the card you see on the event page.) - *trained:* hurrying along the hallways with her guitar by her side, carrying a big box and looking at the camera with a professional smile. **Moca** ("What more do you need?") - *untrained:* at the café table with Sayo, smugly holding up a list of things they could try out buying. It features such things as "frog keychain", "Guitar Squishy", and "box of foreign bread". - *trained:* sitting on top of a giant pile of letters, strumming her guitar with a bagel in her mouth. **Kasumi** ("Listening In") - *untrained:* standing by the side of the choir room all :O as she listens to them sing. Aya is next to her. - *trained:* tripping and falling, because of which she drops a box of letters that end up flying all across the room. **Aya** ("Things I Shouldn't Say") - *untrained:* looking very guiltily at a distraught Sayo leaving the choir room. Kasumi looks equally as worried. - *trained:* holding a pen like a microphone, in front of a table with boxes that need to be labelled, posing for the camera with an ;D expression. **Tomoe** ("Leave it to Moca?!") - *trained:* with a letter in her mouth, tying her hair into a ponytail. --- this is a really silly event, but I literally dreamed it up, so it's surprising that it's even vaguely coherent in the first place ... I had to add a lot of stuff for the parts that didn't make sense or I didn't quite remember, but here we are!