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October 21, 2018 03:04:09 +0000 (UTC)

HAGUMI CAME HOME ON THE LAST PULL!! 20,000 stars!! 5 months of saving all for this moment omg :'

HAGUMI CAME HOME ON THE LAST PULL!! 20,000 stars!! 5 months of saving all for this moment omg :')

August 10, 2018 07:16:17 +0000 (UTC)


EN Bandori 2nd Name Train dedicated to Akesaka Satomi!❤


Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bring a smile to all members of the Bandori community!

Name Train V1

Name Train V2

We have been noticed by Akesaka Satomi!!


Link to Tweet:

Personal reply to original tweet

Personal Reply

Name Train Credits:

#1: GudSushi
#2: Ponky
#3: Chubbs
#4: NyanPoyo
#5: Deer
#6: Chloe
#7: Shiromi
#8: Lorenzo
#9: Xepher
#10: Klitart

Picture collage by: NyanPoyo

Coordinated by: Xepher


October 21, 2018 06:12:32 +0000 (UTC)

Hard to believe I made it this far, currently in the Top 10. Now, I do not expect to finish in...

Hard to believe I made it this far, currently in the Top 10.

Now, I do not expect to finish in the Top 10. But I do expect to at least finish inside the Top 100, and that is my goal for this event.

June 21, 2018 00:50:08 +0000 (UTC)


Just gonna put this here...

  1. You start at the multi-live screen and decide to press start. As always, you’re a pro and you choose the veteran/master room. You are a perfect individual that has amazing internet with no disconnection.

    a. Someone leaves (1a for calm) (1b for aggressive)

    b. You proceed to the song-list (2)

1a) They probably just disconnected because of bad wi-fi. 1b) THEY HATE ME AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THE CHAMBER AND R JUST TROLLING GRRRRRR

  2. Choose your song/random.  Doesn’t really matter cause you are the most reasonable player in the world.

a. Someone leaves (1a for calm) (2a if they chose random for aggressive) (2b if they chose a song and you’re aggressive)

b. Progress to the difficulty choosing screen (3)

2a) WOWWWW. You know what? Next time choose your own song. Gosh!

2b) Geez, this person only wants that song. Why doesn’t this person ever let anyone choose any other song?!?!?!

   3. First Wait!  How much energy did you select???

a. Free!  I don’t have any energy, but I want points for the event still with the boosted rate, and I still want to get some exp to level up quickly!  (4)

b. 1 energy, It’s either because I normally use 3 energy and just reached my last one or because this is the best idea and most worth for my xp gain.  (If you didn’t know you gain 7* xp if you use three energy all at once.  You gain 15* xp if you use each energy individually) (4)

c. 2 energy.  Mainly because I have intense OCD and can’t bear looking at my 10 stamina be used up in 3’s because THERE’S ALWAYS 1 LEFT OVER.  WHY CRAFTU EGGU?? (4)

d. 3 energy.  Ehh I just need to use up my stamina quickly and the instant gratification of exp and point multipliers are really nice.  (4)

   4. You choose a difficulty.

a. You choose easy/normal. (4a)
b. You choose hard as does everyone else. (4b)  
c. Everyone chooses hard except one chooses expert (4c)
d. Everyone chooses hard/expert except one chooses easy/normal (4a)  (if you disconnect nobody will blame you)
e. Everyone chooses hard except 2-3 choose expert (4c)
f. Everyone chooses expert except you choose hard (4f)
g. Everyone chooses expert (4g)
h. Someone disconnects (1a if passive) (2a if aggressive)
i. You’re the only one that chooses expert (4i)
j. You and one other chooses expert

4a) WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE. GO BACK TO REGULAR… (not to be rude but the points just really doesn’t help people who are trying to tier…) (Honestly someone probably left unless you got lucky) (5)

4b) I mean, this is the most common situation. I don’t really think much will come from this and this difficulty ain’t too bad. (5)

4c) Ok… uh… good luck. But, I’m remembering your position and watching to see if you fail… (5)

4f) Honestly, you shouldn’t feel too bad if you can’t do expert. But normally whenever this happens, you would normally feel pretty bad. sigh (5)

4g) Salutes squad. Best of luck to us all (5)

4i) Uh-Oh… I better not fail. I am literally carrying the entire team. (5)

4j) Ok dude it’s you and me against the world! Let’s do this! (5)

  5. You see the loading screen.

a. Load through normally (6)

b. Someone disconnects (5a for passive) (5b for aggressive)

5a) Probably a disconnect or everyone was taking too long to load… It’s all right.


  6.  You finally load up and see all the characters.  You’re ready to go and get points from this amazing event

a. The event proceeds as the notes fall (7)

b. Someone disconnects  (6a)

6a) I’m sorry but there is absolutely no excuse for this one other than bad wifi that is even slightly acceptable. Even if you yourself did not waste any stamina WHY DID YOU DISCONNECT AT THAT POINT. ONLY AT THAT POINT WILL EVERYONE IN THE LIVE LOSE STAMINA. YOU WASTED A TIER POTENTIAL FOR MANY MANY PEOPLE. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. What events transpire during the live?

a) Multiple people fail (specifically the ones that played expert) (7a)

b) One person fails (The only one that played expert) (7b)

c) Multiple random people fail (7c)

d) You notice someone hasn’t gotten any points but hasn’t failed. (7d)

e) One random person fail (7e)

f) (God forbid) But you fail… (7f)

g) Everybody succeeds, but you get A rank… (7g)

h) Everybody succeeds and you get S rank. (7h)

i) Everybody succeeds and you get SS Rank (7i)

7a) Dude, you should’ve done a lower difficulty! This is quite frankly just the pride before your fall! Give these people the look of shame… However, since you want to tier, you still hope that these people are still alive and just relatively low on health… Not all the way failed. Hopefully they stay and give us the fever though.

7b) Dude, you should’ve done a lower difficulty! This is quite frankly just the pride before your fall! Give this person the look of shame… Hopefully this person stays and gives us the fever though.

7c) NO! Now we might actually fail the live and not get any good points and all my stamina is wasted!!!! Hopefully they stay and give us the fever though.

7d) omg… This guy actually disconnected, even though we get points, we won’t even get the fever and get a ton of low points!!!

7e) I don’t get it… This song isn’t even that hard. You look at this person shamefully. However, this person can make it up to you if this person continues and helps everyone get the fever.

7f) Oh no, I hope people don’t shame me… I’ll at the very least get people the fever because I’m a good person, unlike other shameful people.

7g) Ugh… Fine, I guess this is an all right solution, but I could’ve gone more points if the other people were far more competent.

7h) Eh, this isn’t too bad. Could’ve been better, but I guess it could’ve also been worse. This team wasn’t too bad. Maybe I’ll friend the person that full combo’d.


October 21, 2018 03:29:32 +0000 (UTC)


just in case anyone cares i'm going to be trying (emphasis on trying) to top10 so if you see a pern during lives or on the leaderboard, know i'm sick and crying. ((also might just end up top100-ing because i only have 2.5k gems rn but we shall see))

edit: taking a break from grinding now just to talk a bit about why exactly i'm tiering. for starters, there's the obvious aya and tae motive because they're two of my best girls. but the main reason why is hagu. i won't lie, i don't particularly like hagu, but i want to change that. this card is my favorite hagu card to date and this event as a whole just has such a nice vibe and i really want to top10 this event to make myself have a better connection with hagu and appreciate her more. while i don't think she'll ever be in my top 10, i want her to be able to love her more and not just feel nothing. so hagu stans get ready for me to probably fail but have fun trying for your orange haired cutie!

October 08, 2018 16:42:02 +0000 (UTC)


So, Kokoro can cry. But that raises another question?

Does Kokoro cry of happiness or of a problem?

October 19, 2018 13:02:45 +0000 (UTC)

ARISA'S SMILE HAS RETURNED! Can't wait to see what this new event is all about! Judging by...


Can't wait to see what this new event is all about! Judging by the logo, it looks like Ran, Himari, and Ako(?) are also in this story. I wonder what's going to happen... :D

Edit: turns out that's not Ako in the logo, because the silhouette has hairpins that match Arisa's. My bad y'all

October 19, 2018 18:42:06 +0000 (UTC)


sayo is so fucking relatable to me, it's embarrassing actually. seeing her character grow and develop in this event on EN is so??? reassuring??? in a way

she's working to better herself and it gave me hope to do the same! which is not something I expected from a character in a rhythm game........

October 11, 2018 03:06:05 +0000 (UTC)


Banner for the 4th Battle of the Bands, by violetR

Battle of the Bands v4

Groupie Registration | Discord Server | Staff Application

Dates: October 27th-28th & November 3rd-4th

Countdown To Start

The staff of Bandori.Party are proud to announce the 4th Battle of the Bands! Featuring a shifted focus onto Missions & a revised Scoring System for Battles, both veteran and new groupies will want to read up on what's coming this time around.

General Outline

The Battle of the Bands is a special event hosted by the staff of Bandori.Party and other community members! Through Battles and Missions, you’ll earn points for a band we assign you to represent! Once everything is over, the final results will be calculated, rewards will be handed out, and that’s that! Sounds simple, right?

How does it work?

BoBv4 will feature 2 different methods of contributing points: Missions & Battles! Groupies are only required to participate in one of these, however you're allowed to participate in both. Based off the points gained from these two aspects of the BoB we'll tally up each band's total points, and the band with the most will be the winner of BoBv4!


Introduced in BoBv2, Missions are one way to gain points for your band! The IE team (the staff in charge of missions) assigns groupies Individual, Group, & Non-Bandori challenges each day in #missions_info, and points are distributed to the groupies' bands upon completion!

With flexible time limits & missions catered to all the different skill types, you can feel confident in your ability to contribute to your team with Missions!


A staple ever since the start of the BoB, Battles allow groupies to duke it out against other bands in multilives! During a Battle Captain's block, sign up to represent your band, and perform during the live to the best of your abilities!

With only a handful of 30-minute blocks & points scaling based off of performance, these are for skilled individuals whose hearts yearn for competition!


If you are interested in participating, then read up more on Missions or Battles, & then use the registration forms linked up above to sign up!

Wanna Know More?

To check out our FAQ, go to our BanPa BoB Playguide and scroll to the bottom! If that doesn’t answer all of your questions, then feel free to leave a comment down below, message us on our Twitter, or ask us in our discord server!

October 19, 2018 06:41:47 +0000 (UTC)

i tried my best everyone! i hope roselia is proud of me :’

i tried my best everyone! i hope roselia is proud of me :’)