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February 19, 2019 15:15:04 +0000 (UTC)

Nobody probably cares but I made a list of all the 4  on JP so far..  Mainly made this because a...

Nobody probably cares but I made a list of all the 4* on JP so far.. (Mainly made this because a Twitter account that made the compilations for these was too slow so I took the matters into my own hands.)

Also went ahead and count down which girls still don't have a Limited 4* yet:

  • Hagumi
  • Rinko

Update dates:

  • Feb: 2/28 (rip Chisato)
  • March: 3/8, 3/15 (THEY DID IT NOW EACH GIRL HAS A 4* FOR EACH ATTRIBUTE!!), 3/31
  • Arpril: 4/23, 4/30
  • May: 5/3 (Welcome to the Limited club, Tomoe), 5/10, 5/22 (remade!)
  • June: 6/11 (remade AGAIN to the original one because the previous one was hard to manage), 6/20
June 19, 2019 22:20:27 +0000 (UTC)

GOOD LUCK to everyone pulling on the Hard Boiled Sleuths Gacha! I hope Kaoru and Hina come home to...

GOOD LUCK to everyone pulling on the Hard-Boiled Sleuths Gacha! I hope Kaoru and Hina come home to you <3

May 19, 2019 10:07:21 +0000 (UTC)

i'm back from the dead!

our next event is the pure, afterglow boosted "Girls Anthology" vs live!...

i'm back from the dead!

our next event is the pure, afterglow boosted "Girls Anthology" vs live! time for the cute manga style cards~

i hope we all have good luck in the gacha and tiering this event, fight on~!!

June 09, 2019 04:38:58 +0000 (UTC)

our new event is the vs live "Beatin' in the Rain"! i would die for this tomoe tbh, she's so...

our new event is the vs live "Beatin' in the Rain"! i would die for this tomoe tbh, she's so gorgeous,,,

good luck in this event everyone! may tiering and the gacha be kind to you all~!

September 26, 2018 18:26:52 +0000 (UTC)


Ok guys, Its theory time!


The last Garupa Pico episode was released today, and they did lots of callbacks to previous episodes, but one that caught most people's attention were afterglow's. There, we could see Tsugu in a Pastel Palettes outfit, which makes her the 6th member of Pasu pare (now bushido dad has another daughter huhehe). But there's also another thing, and that is Babanbo-sama, who looks like he's also a member of afterglow, behind Ran, looking over her, almost like she was possessed or something. And that left me thinking.


The Hey-Day event is traslated officially to "The 6th Afterglow", however, it was known for a long time as "The 6th member of Afterglow", and Babanbo-sama looks like a member of afterglow, so it's safe to say that he's the 6th member of Afterglow. But wait, there's more. Judging by the event story, the suposed 6th member of Afterglow is most likely the ghost that is playing with them, but if the 6th member of Afterglow is Babanbo-sama, this can only mean one thing:

The ghost that was haunting Afetrglow during the event story, is actually Babanbo-sama.

But hey! That's just a theory, a Bandori Theory. Thanks for reading!

April 09, 2019 05:00:07 +0000 (UTC)



its me, the kokohina man. i dont have enough braincells nor energy to actually create a story but here is my event concept for a dangan-roselia thing

Sore Wa Chigau Yo! The Greatest Detectives

Attribute: Power

Type: VS Live

Gacha: Blue and Pink Trialroom (limited gacha! “Limited members drop rate-up!” they lied)

Event Song Gift: Roselia’s cover of the DRV3 Opening. That’s right. Just— just pure instrumental. Let’s riot (hhahehee R • I • O • T).


Gacha 3★: Rinko

Event 3★ (idk EP): Ako Attribute: Happy

Event 3★ (100k EP): Sayo Attribute: Cool


"I Am Roselia's Vocalist" Yukina Minato 4★

Untrained: So you know the fancy-schmncy character introduction screens after each participant introduces themselves? The colored background that yeets behind them and says their name and Ultimate? Yes. That. Yukina's background is a color-scheme associated with her character color (#5a46a9) and there are Yukina-related patterns in the background (like in the Persona Collab) and the introduction-strip thing reads "Minato Yukina" and underneath, "SHSL Diva Songstress". I know that the sprites when shown in the character-screen thing are like, normal and relaxed sprites, but LET ME CHANGE THINGS OKAY. Yukina's pose is the thing where she's in a casual outfit and one hand is touching her chest while her other arm is strewn to the side. Honestly just imagine some really cool dynamic pose for her.

Trained: I don't quite know the pose, but imagine an outfit that is a combo of Kirigiri Kyouko's and Ludenberg Celes.

"Your Favorite Gyaaru Bassist☆" Lisa Imai 4★

Untrained: Background is #c8463b-themed with more fancy Lisa-related things in the background. Character strip reads "Imai Lisa" and on the bottom, "SHSL Band Support". I was honestly contemplating to put Enoshima's talent (SHSL Fashionista) but I felt it was doing Lisa dirty because I didn't want to recognize her for her looks. So I chose another major aspect of her: the fact that she is the glue that holds Roselia together. Lisa's pose is sly and pretty, as she winks and holds up a peace sign. She wears another casual outfit.

Trained: Her outfit is a combo between Iruma Miu and Enoshima Junko.

"The NFO Mage Pianist" Rinko Shirokane" 3★

Untrained: Background is #a9b3b3-themed with Rinko-related things in the background. Character strip reads "Shirokane Rinko" and "SHSL Determination". I chose this talent for Rinko rather than Akamatsu's talent (Pianist), Yumeno's talent (Mage/Magician) and Nanami's talent (Gamer) because although those all define Rinko, it is not what Rinko is. Does that make sense? The same went for Lisa. I chose "Determination" for Rinko because she truly has shown that quality in many instances. There's the obvious Neo-Aspect one (Her card is even titled "Cry of Determination") where she breaks out of her shell to defend Ako. There's also the Blooming in Largo event, where Rinko is shown trying different clubs, some without even having to be forced to do. Rinko had persevered through each club meeting and even requested to see the Archery club when she was able to go home. Rinko also persevered when shooting the arrow during archery, which takes a lot of will to continue doing if you're failing. And then there's the Prelude's Replay event, where we see she goes through with her determined plan to enter the piano competition in order to change. The act itself was already proof Rinko was evolving into a better, more outgoing version of herself, which I'm so proud of her for doing. SJksdjfskd I didn't mean for this to be a TEDtalk, but that is why I chose Rinko to be the SHSL Determination. You know the drill, she's in a casual outfit and her pose is a shy smile with a determined glint in her eyes.

Trained: Her outfit is a combination of Nanami Chiaki and Yumeno Himiko. I left out Akamatsu because hfhfjsk even though she (has the chomama's) has the talent for Rinko, I honestly don't think the outfit is... interesting enough for this type of event we're going for. Sorry Kayayday, we love you.

"Drummer Princess of Glinting Moonlight!" Ako Udagawa 3★"

Untrained: Background is #fa5ab4-themed with Ako-related things in the background. Character strip reads "Udagawa Ako" and "SHSL Future". I chose this talent for Ako because I see a lot of potential in her for the future: she's apparently the most talented in Roselia with her drumming skills and she idolizes Tomoe, Yukina, and often Rinko. In this way, she is a strong drummer already but she still strives to be just like those three girls in order to improve, which will help her a lot in the future if she is setting a goal to be similar in aspects of being "cool" and "talented". Combine those with Ako's current qualities and you get basically a future role model. She's in a casual outfit and doing some really cool chuuni poses.

Trained: Her outfit is a combination of Mioda Ibuki and Ouma Kokichi.

"Unique Sound Guitarist" Sayo Hikawa 3★

Untrained: Background is #32aabe-themed with Sayo-things in the background. Character strip reads "Hikawa Sayo" and "SHSL Improvement". I chose SHSL Improvement for Sayo because.. well, she has improved greatly, and I think more, than anyone else has in Bandori. She improved her relationship with Hina, she improved her understanding with Hina, she improved her mindset on her complex and the band, and she improved her character with all of these aspects. She.. I don't really know what pose she'd have. Probably a small smile or something?? Help.

Trained: Her outfit is a combo of Shirogane Tsumugi and Amami Rantarou.

and theres that! sorry if its not as fulfilling as my other fanmade event, this one was on a rush and... way too self-indulgent. i didnt even have a story made for this fkdjskfjs anyway thanks for taking the time to read through this buttpain