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Hello, I'm WAFSack (Don't ask how I came up with that name. I don't know). My real name is Sean. I'm male (I'm gay btw, just for context if I call a male character in another franchise cute or something). I found out about BanG Dream! through Beat Saber back in January of 2019. I started watching the anime around March and then I started playing the game late summer. When I first started playing the game, my favorite band was Roselia, while HaroHapi was slowly rising in my ranks. But soon, HaroHapi shot up to first when the Twin Star Ensemble event started because I found out Kokoro was in the astronomy club (I love astronomy, so you might see me talking about that sometimes in my posts). Hina also became one of my favorite guitarists because I found out she was in the astronomy club. Then, in January of 2020, I went to the Raush und/and Craziness DV and fell in love with RAS. It's still only my second favorite, because nothing can replace HaroHapi for me. Have I wrote too much here? Maybe. I'll stop.

Other franchises and series I like:

  • Prokect SEKAI
  • D4DJ
  • Enstars
  • Danganronpa (only on the second game right now)
  • Given
  • Clannad
  • Demon Slayer
  • The Promised Neverland

(This list would get way too long if I included every series I like, so I'll stop)

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Kokoro best girl!

Kokoro is in the Astronomy club and she's the main vocalist of HaroHapi, so by default, she's my favorite character.

Saving for:

Christmas or HHW Band Story 3, if Kokoro is a 4 star (JP)


Image (EN)

& maybe

Image (EN)

Character Ranking


My OTP: MasuRokka

Band & Character Ranking


Favorite songs from each band


Sorry that RAS and Afterglow's boxes are slightly bigger. I didn't feel like fixing it.

List of completed and uncompleted/in progress sets (Note: I'm only gonna use 3 and 4 stars as a reference and only sets that I have at least two gacha cards of, AND only events that had no event 2 stars, unless I have the 4 star)

(Exception is any set I really want to complete, such as the astronomy set)


Backstage Pass 2 (completed)

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Tearful Smile Anchor Runner 2/5

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Twin Star Ensemble 3/5

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Twin Star Ensemble 4/5

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Happy! Lucky! Smile! Yay!


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