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i haven't pulled a new 4* on my main account since........ gosh, before summer dive i suppose

^^above statement was voided when i dropped 7.5k and got new years aya then did a paid guaranteed and got 3 hhw 4☆s. beautiful. rip summer aya

hi im aya's #1 fan and if i was rich i'd whale every time she was in gacha but alas. i am a 20 year old college student. such is life

fav bands:

  • PasuPare | HaroHapi | Roselia | Afterglow | Popipa

fav girls:

  • Popipa: Saaya | Tae | Arisa/Kasumi/Rimi
  • Afterglow: Himari | Tomoe | Tsugumi | Ran | Moca
  • PasuPare: Aya | Maya | Eve | Hina | Chisato
  • Roselia: Ako/Rinko | Sayo | Lisa/Yukina
  • HaroHapi: Hagumi | Misaki | Kokoro | Kanon | Kaoru

worst songs in the game include koi wa chaos, fuwafuwa, wonderland girl, teardrops, and sugar song. no i will not take further questions.

6 accounts: