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My name is Zehel. The main games that I play are EN SIF and EN Bandori.

Feel free to follow me here and my Twitter: https://twitter.com/imZehel

I share the Top 100 List after every event on my Twitter, compiled by Jayson, so do check it out!

Bandori EN Top 100 List: (HQ Version) https://imgur.com/a/4psP4yS

🌟 Top 10 Event Achievements: 🌟

♫ Rank #1 in "The Impromptu Wedding Dress"

♫ Rank #1 in "Rimi's Gift of Song"

♫ Rank #3 in "Searching for Stars"

♫ Rank #4 in "Azure, Shine Bright"

♫ Rank #4 in "Past Aspirations & Pastel Futures"

♫ Rank #8 in "Don't Leave Me, Lisa!!!!"

♫ Rank #9 in "Go! Phantom Thieves of Twilight"

♫ Rank #10 in "The 6th Afterglow"

🌟 Miscellaneous Achievements: 🌟

♫ 3rd Player to achieve Rank 200 Milestone on 22 July 2018!


🌟 EN Bandori Name Trains: 🌟

♫ Coordinated and planned EN Bandori 1st Name Train dedicated to Yurishi!❤


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