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My property. Touch a freckle on ANY of them and I will skin you.


Credit to Kokichi_kin for making this! :D (Go check her out if you haven't her art is amazing)

Countdown to JP 4th Anni:


eat egg

Hello to whoever is reading this! (WARNING: LONG READ AHEAD)

Follow me Ill follow back (unless im dead)

Saving for:

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  • Goal until Spring Dreamfes: 25000 stars! (Won't be pulling for that tho)

DONE! (16/5/20)

  • Goal until Summer Dreamfes: 40000 stars!

DONE! (26/7/20)

  • Goal until Halloween Dreamfes: 55000 stars! (Maybe 65000?)

DONE! (30/9/20)

  • Goal until Christmas Dreamfes: 65000 stars!

DONE! (23/11/20)

  • Goal until New Years' Dreamfes: 70000 stars!


  • Goal until 3rd Anni Dreamfes: 100000+ stars (or, if you haven't reached the earlier goals, 75000 stars!)!


Vaccine AND EN Anni coming at the same time? Boy, is this gonna be a fun year!

Dreamfes Cards Acquired (EN & JP)

Part 1

Kasumi: (EN)

Tae: (JP)





Moca: (EN)



Tsugu: (EN)




Maya: (EN)



Sayo: (EN)


Ako: (JP)

Rin Rin: (JP)




Kanon: (EN)


Part 2









As you can see I have a long way to go 😥😥

  • I started playing Endori on August 23, 2018 and Jpdori on September 23, 2019, but I'm more of an active EN player, so you'll see me more there

  • I used to play Love Live SIFAS but stopped. Probs bc I'm spoiled by Bandori lol

  • I'm one of those people whose luck is entirely on ten pulls. Sadly, when I pull, I only get one of the featured 4*s :(

  • I mainly tier top 5 and 2.5K, but I only play events to get all the stars

  • I'm half Hina. I FC'd all level 27 songs but two, AP'd some songs on expert, and yet I still can't FC Ringing Bloom w/o 4 misses umu

  • I'm 14—my birthday is on the same day as Arisa's (i swear)

  • I mainly like shoujo anime and manga, but shounen genres are interesting too!

  • I draw sometimes, most of them will be posted here

  • I'm known for bad puns (sorry in advance) cause I CAN be too punny

  • I'm Muslim

  • I'm 1.56 metres tall (5' 3''?) That's kinda short for my age ;-;

  • My favourite snack? That's a hard question...Imma go with sugar cookies uwu

  • I'm left-handed! You probably didn't need to know that tho

  • I started studying Japanese since September 2018, but I'm not that fluent. Currently I have 300+ kanji and 1000+ vocab in my system, and I guess I can handle a simple conversation

  • I play the clarinet and sometimes the piano/keyboard (I have a keyboard in my room but hardly use it lol), but I'm better at the clarinet. I tried playing the flute, ITS SO DANG HARD HOW CAN MY FRIENDS DO IT AND NOT ME??

  • I also like playing the Papa Restaurant Games! My favourite of all would be Papa's Bakeria, cause I like pies!

Band Ranking:


Member Ranking

Popipa: Arisa>Tae=Rimi=Kasumi=Saaya

Afterglow: Moca>Tsugu=Himari>Tomoe=Ran

Pasupare: Maya=Eve=Aya>Hina=Chisato

Roselia: Lisa=Sayo>Ako>Rin Rin=Yukinya

HaroHapi: Misaki/Michelle=Kaoru>Kanon=Hagumi=Kokoro

RAS: Reona=Chiyu>Rokka=Masuki=Rei

Morfonica: Tsukushi=Nanami>Mashiro=Touko=Rui

My top 3 anime (very outdated but go with it):

3rd. Love Live: I watched the two anime series, and believe me I LOVED IT! Every member's unique personalities made me love them even more!


2nd. Bandori: Actually, I love Bandori and Love Live equally but what made this even better is that unlike Love Live, each band had a different aura that made me laugh, smile (pun intended), and kinda cry (on the inside!). Also I'm SOOOOOO glad I met Arisa she represents me the most!

1st. FULL MOON WO SAGASHITE FULL MOON WO SAGASHITE!! Now I read the manga waaaaay after I met Love Live and Bandori but the story made up for it. After I read one of its volumes I noticed it said that this and another one of the author's manga series had been made into anime so I was like "k lets check it out!" I watched the anime the first time and after a long 52 EPISODES I was crying. I watched it a second time and I wasn't crying but was still happy. There were a couple characters that I thought would make a great ship! Not even great, the BEST SHIP EVER! (You might find out if you read the manga and/or wach the anime) I'm asking this as your friend. If you like shoujo anime (or just wanna try watching it), PLEASE WATCH IT! It would be great to know someone who does!

Thanks for reading! I hope to make some great friends here!

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ARISA × EVE CHANGE MY MIND (as friends tho lol)

(sorry maya but I stan ayamaya for you uwu)

Proud member of the ducky fam :3





Credits to Fansmi for this! (Eek im late to everything)

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