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Hello to whoever is reading this!

Follow me Ill follow back (you dont have to tho)
  • I started playing Endori on August 23 2018 and Jpdori on October 1 2019
  • I'm a female
  • I also play Love Live SIFAS since Dec 8 2019 and am looking forward to the WW release in the spring!!
  • I like shoujo anime and manga (NOT because im a girl, I'm hoping to watch Fairy Tail soon!)
  • I'm known for bad puns (sorry in advance) cause I CAN be too punny (again im sorry ;-;)

  • My favourite bands (greatest to least): HaroHapi>Popipa>Pasupare>Roselia>Afterglow
  • My favourite members of each band: Popipa: Arisa, Tae, Kasumi, Rimi, Saaya Afterglow: Moca, Himari, Tsugumi Pasupare: Maya, Eve Roselia: Lisa, Rinko, Ako HaroHapi: Misaki/Michelle, Kokoro, Kanon, Kaoru, Hagumi

  • My top 3 anime:
  1. Love Live: I watched the two anime series, and believe me I LOVED IT! Every member's unique personalities made me love them even more!


  1. Bandori: Actually, I love Bandori and Love Live equally but what made this even better is that unlike Love Live, each band had a different aura that made me laugh, smile (pun intended), and kinda cry (on the inside!). Also I'm SOOOOOO glad I met Arisa she represents me the most!

  2. Full Moon wo Sagashite: Now I read the manga waaaaay after I met Love Live and Bandori but the story made up for it. After I read one of its volumes I noticed it said that this and another one of the author's manga series had been made into anime so I was like "k lets check it out!" I watched the anime the first time and after a long 52 EPISODES I was crying. I watched it a second time and I wasn't crying but was still happy. There were a couple characters that I thought would make a great ship! Not even great, the BEST SHIP EVER! (You might find out if you read the manga and/or wach the anime) I'm planning to watch it a third time now. Gotta overcome the cringe of the opening songs again!

Thanks for reading! I hope to make some great friends here!

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