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Himari plays the base with my heartstrings attached.

Misaki makes me heart go "nyoom scratch scratchhyfgvgfd"

I love 35 girls so much.

EN Savings:

-Halloween (Misaki) (Update: I wasted 5 pulls and daily solos everyday from the event started and nothing. I COULDN'T GET THE RATE UP 3 STAR WITH 13220 STARS)

-Persona gacha (ALL lims, but especially Himari) (Update: I HAD 55K AND I GOT ALL OF THEM!! I AM SO HAppy!! This definitely made up for Halloween Misaki hehe..)

-White day (Himari and Misaki) (UPDATE: HIMARI AND KAORU CAME HOOME!!! Now that Kaoru came as a bonus I really want Misaki too but I don't want to push my luck heeh..)

-Western (Himari and Tomoe) (Update: 2 pulls and maid Tsugu instead, but I am really happy with it!)

-First anniversary dream fest (All rate ups but esp. Yukina)(Update: 32500 stars and got both Kanon and Ran! Kept going for Yukina but no luck, really shouldn't have done that..) //UPDATE: AND THEN I GOT YUKINA ON MY FIRST DAILY ON THE RERUN A YEAR LATER WHAT

-Halloween (Aya)(35000 stars no Aya... at least I got 5 new 4 stars including Hina...)

-Christmas (All lims) (1000 stars + daily solos and I got Mocaaa!!)

-Valentines (Himari)(25000 stars no Himari and then the next day I grinded another pull aND THERE SHE WAS!!! I LOVE HERR!!)

-Halloween (mostly Arisa?)

-Re:Zero collab (any)

-Christmas Dreamfest (Himari)

I'll do daily solos here and there in limted gachas only

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