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hello i'm natsu and i love Rinko Shirokane with all my heart. i'd give her the moon if i had to. she's the sun of my sky and the light of my life and whenever i see her i cry. she's an angel

other than that, i stalk this website like a serial killer stalking their foolish victims. you can see me in the banpa discord stalking and burning everything down accidentally or purposefully. that's all

Favorite Band: Roselia, Pasupare

Best Girls: Rinko, Aya, Rimi, Arisa, Kaoru, Chisato, Misaki/Michelle, Hina, Moca, Rokka

Favorite Song(s): R・I・O・T, PASSIONATE ANTHEM, ランブリングメモリー, キミがいなくちゃっ!, 新宝島, R, DISCOTHEQUE, ロミオとシンデレラ, ロストワンの号哭, エイリアンエイリアン, ピコっと!パピっと!!ガルパ☆ピコ!!!, 最高(さあ行こう)!, 六兆年と一夜物語, Neo-Aspect, This game, Opera of the wasteland, クインティプル☆すまいる, わちゃ・もちゃ・ぺったん行進曲, B.O.F, 千本桜, The Everlasting Guilty Crown, 夏のドーン!, ゆら・ゆらRing-Dong-Dance, LOUDER, そばかす, 夏祭り



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