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Arisa best girl, "Hello, Happy World!" best band. I did/do have a JP account but since the release of the english version of Bandori i'm only going to play EN. If you find me in-game be sure to add me and be sure to check out my stream because I may stream myself grinding events in the near future. I'll most likely stream the events I go for a top spot for or top 100 (HHW/Kokoro/Kaoru/Arisa events). Thanks for reading and cya in game! ♥

Goals for Hina event

  • Get Event card✔️
  • Rush to get Event Card ✔️
  • Maintain top 100 without using star gems

Hina event

Fullfilled Goals:

  • Get #2 for Kokoro Event

Goals for most Events

  • Get event card
  • Use No Star Gems

1 account: