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Bang Dream is awesome

Best girl = Hagumi! She is amazing and so cute, i love her so much...i hope i can get her 4*!

I like arisa too and i have a trained 4 star card of her ^-^

-Today on easter 3rd best girl 4 star card came home, yay!

-Aya didn't come home, but came initial tae instead!

-Tae came home again, tae pls stop

-Chisato came home, i didn't expect this! :O

-Scouted for hagumi 4* and got kaoru and initial kasumi, rate up doesn't love me

25/12/2017 stopped playing, this game is not for me

30/03/2018 restarted playing again with EN version, maybe this time will go better?

-i got the intial rimi 4* at my first 2500 stars scout! That's awesome! Now i will save for detective kokoro 4 star!

-scouted for detective kokoro and i got her at my first 2500 stars pull! And it was even a double 4* pull! I got initial saaya too! This is going so well! Now i'm not sure for who to save, but hagumi's 4 star is surely one of those...gotta decide for a pure scorer...stargazing ran, fairy chisato or...romeo (?) kaoru; chisato probably

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