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Hi, Im Chort/boozy and I'm a semi-intense player!

I only play on the JP servers and I started playing in 2017 (I can't believe it's already been that long...). I went on a hiatus and restarted my account in 2019 due to feeling as if my account was RNG cursed and I'm SO GLAD I DID. Previously 444/Jesus, If anybody wants that account feel free to DM!!


  • Speed 10.6 // 160% Note Size // Border 5 //FX 2 // Note Type 5 // SE 1
  • Favorite difficulty : 27
  • Greatest achievements : God Knows... (28 FC), BRING IT ON (28 // 1 miss)
  • I don't really hunt FC's or titles!

Some more about me!

I tend to play the game on and off, and will whale on some small occasions.

I'm a closeted bi with an attraction that's about 75% m//35% f!


I spend most of my time drawing my OC's (if you're curious you can check my insta @chort.jpeg)!

I am super super SUPER into Yakuza, my favorite game is either Yakuza 7 or 5! If you love Yakuza too, then you deserve a big ol' smooch.

Other games I play

  • Osu!
  • Arknights (ughyhughuh #0526 // Global)
  • Grandchase M ( Chort // Asia)
  • Dream Girlfriend (P83VVQJQ)

Dream Cards!

Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link Image with a link

Favorite Bands

In order of songs: RAS>Poppin' Party>Roselia>HHW>Afterglow>Pasupare>Morfonica

Top 5 Songs:
1. BRING IT ON(劣等上等)
3. Cherry Bomb(チェリボム)
4. Rambunctious Stumbly-Tumbly March(わちゃ・もちゃ・ぺったん行進曲)
5. Light Delight

In order of characters: HHW>Afterglow>Poppin' Party>Roselia>PasuPare

(don't know enough about RAS/Morfonica chars)

Top 5 Characters:
1. Tomoe
2. Lisa
3. Misaki
4. Kokoro
5. Saaya

3 accounts: