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Hello bang dreamers, it is I the one who played bang dream 5 hours straight.

I post content that are questionable.

Bad newsed, I can’t properly play Bandori slash bang dream girls band party game thing due to my iPad being aggressive,,, expect me playing bang dream 10 hours straight during the end of July

I usually just go on hard or sometimes at EXPERT because I said. BUT! I actually have the will to do practice at EXPERT yay me pico.

My speed tapping thing speed is 10.4 and ever increasing because of I duno.

Babanbo-sama please bless me with followers since I-

Charcterrisctics of me

I like ice cream, cookie and craem. des

Aya is best girl due to unknown circumstances.

I like having to experience near combo scores in the end when I get good or below.

Oh tAe.


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