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Hello and welcome to my profile! Here is some info about me.

  • I don't have the will to do events

  • I'm broke with stars

  • i've been playing BanG Dream for over 6 months?

  • I only played in the WW server

  • My favorite costume set is the New Years event

  • I play in 10.5 speed

  • I love Raise A Suilen

  • My favorite original song from all bands

    Poppin' Party: Tear Drops

    Afterglow: Hey-day Capriccio

    Pastel Palettes: Unite! From A to Z☆

    Roselia: Ringing Bloom

    Hello, Happy World!: High Five ∞ Adventure

    Glitter*Green: Don't be afraid!

    Raise A Suilen: EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!'

    Argonavis: Ryuuuseiu

  • I love eating cookies

  • My favorite anime character is Eijirou Kirishima

  • I have terrible luck

  • The thing that got me into Bandori is that it has good cover songs and original songs

  • Honestly for Argonavis I love all of their songs

  • Kasumi is my first 4* star

  • Chisato is my first 3* star

  • I'm an editor

My favorite girls along with my favorite costume

image image image

So i wan't to thank you for checking out my account. Have a great day and i wish everyone will have great luck when scouting for your favorite girls!

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