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Hearing Han Linlang's words, the Qing Dynasty paid more attention to this Bingzhi. Ten thousand years helped to become the soul of the sword, and fifty thousand years helped to become the soul of the sword. Such a precious elixir, if it is put into the outside world to be known by those swords who practice Shuixing Sword Qi, I'm afraid no one can withstand the temptation. But immediately 6 Qing shook his head: "This Bingzhi has grown up for fifty thousand years, but she has achieved a sword soul. Fifty thousand years, it is already the age when the sword God divides the four realms. How many people can have such great luck with such good fortune?" "Yes," Han Linlang sighed, and then showed a sly smile. "However, it seems that there are many Bingzhi here? You see, how many plants can you see for thousands of years? If we make a good search, perhaps we can find a few plants that are ten thousand years old! Nodded, soul traction, under the dispatch of 6 Qing, Shuiling Sword Boat immediately rushed into the huge canyon. Ten feet long water spirit sword boat, swallow this canyon like a mole ant, light blue light soft, shining on the dark blue valley wall. Unlike ordinary Ganoderma lucidum, this ice Ganoderma lucidum is glittering and translucent like a piece of precious snow jade. The light ice spiritual power overflows in the surrounding sea water. With the deepening of the year, the sea water covered by this spiritual power is more extensive. Counting the pieces of milky white like carefully carved sesame leaves, when the number reached twenty-one, Han Linlang's beautiful eyes had already narrowed into a crescent moon with a curved dome. Twenty-one pieces, two thousand and one hundred years of Bingzhi! I saw it first. It's mine! Han Linlang is also not polite, even if he took out a jade shovel and purple chalcedony box from the empty world, and took the ice Zhi into it. Next to the 6 clear also did not argue what, but in the heart is shaking his head, this wench is really not what scheming, if it is some mind treacherous way, afraid is already under the killer "killing treasure.". Of course,Magnesium Oxide MgO, Han Linlang also did not ignore 6 Qing, a pick down, 6 Qing get, but also not less than her, is her child's mind, at the same time the ice Zhi, always like the first time to show that plant, behind the show, even if the quality is too high, will also give 6 Qing, is picked down in an hour,Magnesium Oxide price, 6 Qing has the quality of ice Zhi, but also better. Dive a thousand feet again, the top of the canyon exit, has been left with only a thin line of eyebrows and eyes, but the quality of Bingzhi picked by two people is getting higher and higher, often more than ten miles of rock wall, you can find a thousand-year-old or nearly thousand-year-old Bingzhi. It was not until they had dived five thousand feet again that they finally found a ten-thousand-year-old Bingzhi for the first time. There are hundreds of ice sesame leaves, the veins in the middle of the sesame leaves, showing a light golden color, that crystal ice sesame, is also born a golden sesame grain, in the middle of the ice sesame will be made into two. Rich ice spiritual power, fully enveloped the rock wall within a radius of several miles, so it was quickly revealed by the two people of the Qing Dynasty. ()” [Chapter 116 of the main text: Qianzhang Sea Dragon Beast! Lower] "See?"! This is Wannian Bingzhi, we found Wannian Bingzhi, cluck cluck! Han Linlang blushed excitedly and hurriedly took out the jade shovel and the jade box, and carefully collected them into the jade box together with the roots and a piece of ice on the seabed. Of course, this first appearance naturally fell into the empty world of Han Linlang. " $Thousand years to provide the latest chapter reading-wWW. QIaNzaI. CoM $but then, Han Lin Lang will see 6 Qing some ugly face." What's the matter? Some carefully asked, then, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Sulphate price, cherry lips a deflated, Han Lin Lang then re-took out the jade box, handed to the 6 Qing in front of the "hum, stingy, to you!" Immediately, however, Han Linlang's face remained unchanged, as if she had thought of something. Immediately, her eyes swept around, and even her eyes were covered with a layer of sharp sword light. Unprepared! Yes, there is no fierce beast! "How could this happen?" Han Linlang's pretty face was a little white. After nearly half a year's experience, she naturally understood that although there were many fierce beasts in the territorial waters of the more fierce beasts, the closer they were to the fierce beasts, because of their huge fierce power, there would not be many fierce beasts. Until they were close to the fierce beasts, there would not be another fierce beast. This is the majesty of the upper world, which is particularly clearly divided in the upper world of fierce beasts. The elixir touched people's hearts. Unexpectedly, I was also deceived before. 6 clear and deep track. Eyes scattered as if the substance of the purple and white sword light, 6 clear mind unprecedented condensed up, this moment, he felt something wrong, with his state of mind, should not have appeared at this moment, first, this ice Zhi is more precious than precious, he thought about it, and second, is here, there is a powerful beast of imagination. This ferocious beast had already appeared to them. "It was only by blocking this piece of heaven and earth with the power of the spiritual realm that it blinded the followers of the Tao of Heaven. Even if he had attained the Tao like this, he could not be aware of it in a short time." Not good! Go With this in mind, 6 Qing's complexion changed, and he immediately grabbed Han Linlang into the sword boat. Whew The blue light, no longer concealed, burst out from the sword ship, and the bow, like the tip of a sword, turned and shot up the canyon. Boom, boom, boom, boom At this moment, a dull thunder rolled in, the whole deep sea, as if back to the void above the sea, majestic thunder blowing the sea water, powerful pressure is 6 Qing also instantly changed face. Bang one by one The tremendous force bombarded the sword ship, and immediately, the light of the hull trembled and dimmed, and the light of the pale blue light, as long as it was borne again, would be broken. No longer hesitate, 6 clear sword pointed to a lead, put away the sword boat, behind the purple and white wind and thunder sword wings open in an instant, even in the deep sea, purple and white wind and thunder sword wings are still blooming with the sword light of the sun, dazzling sword light into the eyes of the cold Lin Lang, too late to think, she was 6 clear embrace the slender waist. Yin, The wings of the sword flapped, and the endless empty air of the cave came together. Boom, boom, boom, boom However,potassium sulphate fertilizer, at this moment, the huge dull thunder sounded again, and a vast and boundless pressure came down in an instant.

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