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When I left, the sun was in the sky, and when I came back, the snow was falling. It is an ordinary year, but now because of the reunion after a long separation, it shows a different meaning. At the moment when Lin Yue's eyes were on him, he made a decision in his heart. Because he found that he had never thought so much about a city, but more about a person. [Little Theater] 3 After several children had lunch break, Yang Yang was pressed by Lin Yue to finish drinking milk. When he returned to his room, he found Ben Ben pinching his sister's face in the baby carriage. Yang Yang immediately went over and bumped into Ben Ben. "You can't touch her!" Ben Ben was hit by him and staggered. After standing still, he looked at him with some grievance. "Why?" "Because, because she is my own sister!" When Lin Yue heard this, he said with a smile, "Don't you like running?"? If you like a person, you should know how to share with him. Yang Yang hurriedly said, "Then I don't like running." "Who do you like?" I like my sister! Chen Luchuan:.. The boy is finally promising. 4 Chen Luchuan educates Yang Yang, "You have to start studying hard now, or you will have no money to get a wife in the future." Yang Yang asked, "Dad can give me money." "Dad won't give you money." "Why?" "Give all the money to your sister." "Why?" You see, you can walk and talk, but my sister can't. Is your sister weaker than you? Yang Yang nodded. You are not a man. Yang Yang nodded. Does a man want to protect the weak? Yang Yang nodded wildly. Therefore, the money should be left to his sister. Yang Yang is a man, and a man should earn his own money. Yang Yang nodded like a chicken pecking rice. Come,Jumping castle with slide, man, come and write. Lin Yue:.. Honey, don't you pass it on. To be the brainwashing leader of the anti-organization is simply a waste of talent. 5 Yang Yang learns to draw. Lin Yue glanced, "what are you drawing?" "I'm drawing my father's name." "How to draw the name?" "Cough," Yang Yang's chubby finger pointed at the drawing paper. "Once upon a time there was a mountain, a forest on the mountain, a river under the mountain, and a deer by the river. Lin Yue is about to praise,Inflatable outdoor park, Yang Yang said: "Mom, mom, you are also in the painting." Lin Yue was stunned and smiled. Yes, her last name is embedded in his first name. Chapter 66 Extra Chapter Two, Two, Three (02) As soon as the youngest daughter Tian Tian was born, she became the apple of the family's eye. In addition, she was weak and always liked to get sick. Several big men in the family naturally held her in the palm of their hands and doted on her vigorously. Lin Yuesheng was afraid that Tian Tianzhen would be spoiled and become a lawless little princess. He followed them in a battle of wits and courage every day, and he was exhausted. Tian Tian is much more clever than Yang Yang, temper is good, adults casually tease giggle, even when the injection is not very crying. Lin Yue thought, what is a small cotton-padded jacket, this is, not only when pregnant almost no trouble, the birth is also a grunt, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable air dancer, effortless, so that Chen Luchuan has not come to his senses, the child has been born. When Tian Tian was born, the most exciting person in the family was Grandpa Chen Zushi. Chen Zushi took the lead in organizing the full moon wine, which was even more powerful than Yang Yang at that time. Those who come up to the banquet are the friend that he cooperates for years, Chen Zushi is holding Tian Tian in the arms, meet a person to praise: "My granddaughter, beautiful!" Later, Chen Zushi disliked the small place where they lived, and after Tian Tian grew up, the two children could not move, so he had to change the villa. In Chen Luchuan's rational persuasion, saying that the children upstairs and downstairs in the villa were easy to bump into each other, Chen Zushi gave up the idea. Chen Luchuan is also particularly fond of Tian Tian, of course, the pet method is different from that of Yang Yang. To Yang Yang, it is a sacred mission to cultivate pillars for the country, and to Tian Tian, it is: good, good, good! Buy, buy, buy! If Tian Tian is sick again, it is even more painful than losing a piece of meat on his own body. When Lin saw that he was so active in helping to take care of the children, he was naturally happy to be free. Tiantian spoke two months later than his brother Yangyang. The first word with clear semantics was "Dad", which made Chen Luchuan very happy. He specially recorded a video with a DV and planned to show it off after Tiantian was sensible. Lin Yue feels: Childish. After the birth of the second child, Lin Yue and Chen Luchuan spent even less time alone. As soon as the little one was coaxed, the big one began to make trouble again. Even if you want to do something at night, you should always pay attention to the movement. On several occasions, Chen Luchuan was about to get on the horse with a gun when his baby daughter cried on the small bed next to him, and his interest immediately faded. Chen Luchuan felt that if he went on like this, sooner or later he would not. Lift. For the sake of the good life in the next few decades, he had to find a way. Chen Zushi had long planned to buy a place in the suburbs and build a courtyard house with a large courtyard in the middle, where he could play mahjong while basking in the sun in winter. Set up a piece of land in the back to raise chickens and vegetables. Chen Luchuan inquired in many ways and really found such a place for him. Chen Zushi immediately bought it, and after making preparations, he went to live with Feng Rong for half a month every month. Chen Luchuan took advantage of the time when they went to live in the suburbs to send their son and daughter over the weekend and read the world with Lin. One day, Chen Luchuan tidied up his things and found the diary that Lin Yue had given him. He grabbed a beer from the fridge and went out on the balcony. The balcony is very big, and there is a special corner for reading. Lin Yue is tired of taking care of his children, so he often takes a break from his busy schedule to hide here. Chen Luchuan sat on the sofa, propped his legs on the wooden table, and opened his diary while drinking. Lin Yue didn't see anyone after taking a bath. He looked around and saw the light on the balcony. He went over and saw that Chen Luchuan was reading his diary with relish. He immediately rushed up and grabbed it: "Why did you turn this out again when you had nothing to do?" Chen Luchuan raised his hand back, dodged, and said with a smile, "You've given it to me. What do you care about me?" He stuffed the diary on the bookshelf behind him, grabbed Lin Yue's wrist, and moved forward to let her sit on his lap. She had just taken a bath, and now she was wearing a two-piece suit of sleepiness, wrapped up like a good woman. No, it should be said that Lin Yue, who has given birth to two children,Inflatable dry slide, is already a very good wife and mother. Chen Luchuan thought carefully, the last time Lin Yue was not so good, or to lure him to promise to give birth to a second child.

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