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Hey, hey, hey! Welcome! I'm Ana Julia and I have no preferences for pronouns. You can use the feminine pronouns! (She/Her).

English is not my first language and I'm not fluent, so I don't interact very much. I'm new to rhythm games, so playing Bandori is a new adventure for me! I'm also recently in anime fandom so I don't know many and I don't know much about... my favorite anime is Haikyuu!! and Hinata is my favorite boy! ♡(灬´ㅂ`灬)

My favorite bands in the game are: Pasupare, Harohapi, Roselia and RAS! I also like Morfonica a lot, but they didn't catch me as much attention as the other four. Aya, Kokoro, Moca, Kanon and Ako are my favorite girls and they are in my heart.

By the way: if you are a minor, I am not interested in interacting with you.

This account is more focused on organizing my account, since my English is really very bad... I am constantly updating cards, music and events.

Thanks for listening! <3

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