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『Hello from the depths of darkness! Arise from the ground and bring the evil within! My name is Ako-Chan! My favorite girl is Ako! Join me in the realm of darkness! I love to do edits! Requests are open if you want a edit! Boom! The abyss that strides in power! Belonging in the depths! I hope we get along! 』And I also watch D4DJ and AAside! We can talk about the anime’s if you want! Also love ZombieLand Saga! Also former Kimetsu No Yaiba Stan! (It’s my favorite anime and I can’t stop talking about the anime)

So my friend Akumi-Chan has this channel called Kurasu 100! And I make the thumbnails for some of his videos! So check his channel out! I would appreciate if you subscribed! I don’t own this channel but I help with some of the thumbnails! We only have 25 subs so more will be great! And the channel is a Gacha Club channel!

Also Massive Ruiako/ Rui x Ako shipper! (Not Rui from Morfonica I mean Rui from Demon Slayer if you didn’t watch the anime then oof) I just ship them because their my Husbando and Waifu lol. Also I feel like they would be really cute together.

I love Rui lol he’s cute UwU (I have a crush on him lol) And I call him Ru-Ru-Chan lol

If you have a edit request let me know!★

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