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Hii! ^^

Finally remaking my profile after not touching this site for a year

About me!

● I’m a lesbian from the uk!

● I like to draw (even though I’m not great at it) and occasionally share it here

● I’ve been playing Bandori for about 2 years and a half!

● Sorry if I go quiet for a month or around that, I mostly lurk lmao


Thank you so much DarkLordAko for making this edit for me! I really like it :D

My best girls from each band <3 I love everyone so this was hard to choose lol

Popipa: Arisa> Saya > Rimi > Kasumi = Tae

Afterglow: Tomoe = Himari > Tsugu > Moca > Ran

Pasupare: Maya > Eve > Hina > Aya = Chistato

Roselia: Lisa > Rinko > Yukina = Sayo > Ako

Harohapi: Kaoru > Misaki > Kanon > Hagumi

R.A.S: Masuki = Reona > Chiyu > Rei > Rokka

4 accounts: