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**call me Kyoko | she/her | Lesbian af | 20yo ;; | Gemini | French | sorry for my bad english | aaaaa | save me I'm stupid | definitely gay af for Tomoe I gave her my soul ahfghsk | I live (and die ugh) for Tomokao omg this ship healed me of everything byye** Please show us what you like, not what you hate. We don't need to know the thing you hate the most. Nobody should impose to us their opinion. Nobody should impose how we have to behave with a character and which feeling put in a thing we love. If you hate something, keep it to yourself. Throw away free hate in face hurts a lot. So if you're not able to understand this, maybe too childish at point don't understand this, go home. SHARE LOVE HERE, NOT HATE. ☆ I'm lazy but I gonna make a proper introduction soon

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