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oh hey nice to meet you! | don't pay attention to me I'm a fool | call me Kyoko | Tomoe is my queen | she/her | demigirl | Lesbian af | plays drums & piano (and hum... voice-acting?) | Tomoe is my goddess | French | sorry for my bad english | social anxiety, self-hate and some others annoying things sorry | aaaaa | Tomoe is my ray of sun | Kaoru is also my queen and my goddess | Kaotomo is love | Kaotomo is life | save me I'm stupid | and v e r y lonely | Am I a shame?? | save my rarepair pls | gay af for Tomoe | I gave her my soul | ahfghsk | I breathe for Kaotomo omg | bye have a nice day! | oh wait did I already mention that I love Tomoe, Kaoru and Kaotomo from the bottom of my heart?

Please show us what you like, not what you hate. We don't need to know the thing you hate the most. Furthermore, nobody should impose to us their opinion. If you hate something, keep it to yourself. Throw away free hate in face hurts a lot. SHARE LOVE HERE, NOT HATE. ☆

sorry this is a mess here I gonna make a proper introduction soon

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