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Khile • 24 • Agender (They/He)

The most normal Lisa stan that only likes her an equally as normal and sane amount.

Heyo! Long time no see! I used to be around here a lot but then disappeared for a while because life got in the way and Bandori was put on the back burner for a bit. This franchise will forever be one of my main comfort media and recently I've resparked my deeper love for it again so I'm back!

I play both EN and JP and am also an EN pjsk and enstars player! Feel free to add me or ask for my ID for the other rhythm games. I love playing with others so if you ever want someone non-judgmental to farm materials or just play through lives with just let me know!

I might still be a little on and off inactive though because I'm a non traditional uni student atm studying to become an art teacher, so I end up being extremely busy between field work and practically living in the studios so I can work on my projects LMAO. But regardless when I do have the downtime I hope we can be friends <3

Obvi that also means I'm an artist so I do sometimes post fanart here. But if you'd like to follow my other work or see where I post my art in general my art links are below! vvv


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