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Hi I'm Kokichi_kin! I love Childe and Moca Aoba too much for my own good

I go by either Lii-kun, Lii, or Kokichi kin whatever you prefer!

Currently on a Bandori hiatus I probably will not accept friend requests on it for a while

kaede_’s biggest fan

I like to draw and edit (my editing skills are really bad though)

Go follow the entire banpa among us server crew now or else I'll eat all your toast

Current art status:

Ask permission to repost my art or don’t repost at all

Art requests are closed for now.

Art trades are open!

(Finally got out of art block :D)

Working on Chisato for Kasei_!

Idk if it's just me but Chisato is really hard to draw...




(Completed! Link to drawing )

I'm emotionally attached to these

• Genshin Impact

• Project Sekai

• Haikyuu!!

• Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

• Kimestu no Yaiba

• Splatoon 2

Please read this!

It’s ok if you set your profile pic as my art but please credit me in your profile description.

If you see someone stealing/tracing my art please reach out to me in a DM.

I procrastinate a lot so art trades/art recommendations may take me a while, but I try to get to all of them.

If you want to chat here's my discord lii_kun#7470

★,°:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:.°★


Whoever is reading this I hope you have a good day!

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