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Hi I’m Kokichi_kin but you can call me Kokichi or Lii-kun :)

My nickname isn’t a rip-off of ChomamaLi pls don’t kill me-


kaede_’s biggest fan

I’m a weeb that stans Moca way too much for my own good, likes to draw, and an emotional wreck :’D

I found out about this website through kaede_ (You guys should check them out!)

Current art status:

Ask permission to repost my art or don’t repost at all

Art requests are closed for now.

Art trades are also closed.

(Guess who has art block woohoo)

Working on Mashiro for my art trade with Cxokie!

How far I progressed on it:


✔️Line art



Some of my fav anime’s/ video games :D


-Demon Slayer



-Fruits Basket

-Splatoon 2 (this game changed my life)

-Animal crossing


-Argonavis (You guys on Banpa made me watch it)

I am also a huge Mafumafu fan!

“If I can’t have wings, I’ll just have to make the sky fall”


Personal opinions:

Best girls:



Afterglow=Roselia>Raise a Suilen> Pasupare=HaroHapi>Morfonica>Popipa

Band member opinions:




Yukina>Lisa=Ako>Sayo> Rin rin


Mashiro>Touko> Tsukushi> Rui=Nanami


Current Favorite Card/set:

Nostalgic Snow globe and Mystic Coral Reef

Best Girls that need to come home







My policy for my art

It’s ok if you set your profile pic as my art but please credit me in your profile description.

If you see someone stealing/tracing my art please reach out to me in a DM.

I procrastinate a lot so art trades/art recommendations may take me a while, but I try to get to all of them.

Feel free to DM me whenever u want :P

2 accounts: