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Feel free to add me. :D HHW is my favorite band!

ID: 599101

Character Opinions (I love them all so much though!)

HHW: Kokoro > Kaoru = Misaki >Kanon > Hagumi

PopiPa: Arisa = Kasumi =Saaya = Rimi = O-Tae

Roselia: Lisa > Ako > Rinko > Yukina > Sayo

Afterglow: HImari > Tsugumi > Tomoe > Moca > Ran

Pasu*Pare: Chisato > Aya > Hina > Maya > Eve

Goals: -Actually restrain my gacha urges and save for that beautiful, beautiful, limited Halloween Kokoron σ(≧ε≦o)

-Get all the initial 3-stars (I would love to see them all wear matching outfits~) -WANTED: Michelle, Aya, Lisa, Rimi, Arisa & Kasumi

-Try to FC every song on every difficulty (I have 6-8 expert songs left- but oh boy will it be a ride when 6 trillion years comes out)

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