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Hi everyone! I'm Mitsuki Amasawa and my bandori username is "Hyped for season 3" (it changes frequently lol) I love to play bandori!

I've been playing since the Girls Anthology Event, so about May 2019. Thanks Eurekaaaaaa-chan for recruiting me! So, not very long lol. I'm not amazing at bandori, but I'm not trash. So somewhere in the middle.

My favorite band is Poppin' Party, but Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN tie for a close second. Next would be Pastel*Palettes, then Hello, Happy World!. I don’t like Afterglow that much. Popipa has a really amazing story that led the creation of my own BanG Dream!-inspired band, Razonaris. Love Rimi and Tae :). Roselia’s music is by far the most technically nuanced advanced, and it shows in their passionate music. I'm a hUgE RAISE A SUILEN stan and I'm high key mad that BanPa won't let me choose it as my favorite band (OOF). Oh well, I’m hyped for their appearance in Season 3. Lock (Asahi Rokka) is my all time best girl (fuee I can't pick her). So when (not if) RAS gets added to Garupa I'm going to go to the Japanese version full time probably. If you don't like RAS sQuArE uP bRo

I am the lead guitarist of Razonaris, a BanG Dream inspired band that I started with my friends. We do covers, of Popipa, Roselia, RAS, and more, along with original songs. I play on a purple Fender Squire for Popipa songs and a Headless Krait (.strandberg* inspired) for all others. I love playing music with my friends, and I dream of playing in Japan among my idols!

Razonaris Members:

-Pyu Myu: VOCAL

-Mitsuki: GUITAR

-Darebo: BASS


-Eureka: DRUMS (go follow!)

Set list (as of 12/21/19)

-Happy Happy Party (Popipa)

-1000 crying skies (Popipa)

-Returns (VOCAL and GUITAR duet) (Popipa)

-LOCK guitar solo from Season 2 (RAS)

-Safe and Sound (Roselia)

-Neo-Aspect (Roselia)

-Wish for a Broken Cage (Razonaris original)

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