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Minna, Konnichiwa! I'm Mitsuki Amasawa and my bandori username is "Kokoronavirus" (it changes frequently so don't be alarmed if it's not the same as that). I love everything about Bandori!

I've been playing since the Girls Anthology Event, so about May 2019. Thanks Eureka-chan for recruiting me! So, not very long but long enough. I'm not amazing at bandori, but I'm not trash. So somewhere in the middle. I have full comboed all songs on Expert and hard up to level 24. I’m currently working on 25s/26s.

Favorite bands (garupa):

  1. Poppin’ Party
  3. Roselia
  4. Morfonica
  5. Pastel*Palettes
  6. Hello, Happy World!
  7. Afterglow

Favorite Bands (AASIDE):

  1. εpsilonΦ
  2. Fantôme Iris
  3. Argonavis
  4. Fujin Rizing!
  5. Gyroaxia

Best girls: (I love them all equally but some just stand out!!!!)

  • Ushigome Rimi
  • Yamabuki Saya
  • Aoba Moca
  • Wakamiya Eve
  • Shirasagi Chisato
  • Shirokane Rinko
  • Matsubara Kanon
  • Seta Kaoru
  • Kurata Mashiro
  • Hiromachi Nanami
  • LOCK (Asahi Rokka)
  • PAREO (Nyubara Reona)

Best Boys: -This will be updated as soon as AASIDE comes out, at this point I really can't say...

I am the lead guitarist of CEMPAZUCHITL, a BanG Dream inspired band that I started with my friends. We do covers of Popipa, Roselia, and more, along with original songs. I play on a .strandberg* Boden 6 in black (just like LOCK!). In addition, I actively play the viola in a symphony and clarinet in my school band. I learned guitar simply to be in a band like Bandori's. YouTube channel coming eventually with covers! I love playing music with my friends, and I dream of playing in Japan among my idols!


  • Pyu Myu: VOCAL
  • Mitsuki: GUITAR
  • Darebo: BASS (Origami master)
  • Zelda: KEYBOARD (God LoveNikki Fashion Game)
  • Eureka: DRUM (go follow!)

**Set list (as of 4.24.2020) Summer Concert:

  • Light Delight (Popipa)
  • Lost One's Weeping (Afterglow)
  • Our Path (Roselia)
  • Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan (Afterglow)
  • Alice in the Freezing Nonsense Theatre (Orangestar)

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