November 13, 2018 14:11:07 +0000 (UTC)


Hello hello nothing new here, just another round of appreciation for this community!

I feel like there's a whole range of great people here and I love that we all just come to scream about Bandori to our heart's content regardless of age, background, whatever

To the youngins: I'm so glad that you guys get to experience being in such a friendly welcoming community because too often the internet is one wild vortex and you never know what you might run into

To the high-schoolers: Being roughly the same age as the Bandoris is the best thing and I hope you cherish that. You guys are super great and talented, keep being you!

To the uni kids/older folk: If it weren't for you guys I'd probably feel out of place so thank you for being here! If you ever feel like you should grow out of liking band girls just remember that I will likely proclaim my love as a cane-wielding grandma

Aand that's all for now, go back to grinding/saving dem stars/petting your cat/pondering existence