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October 22, 2018 17:46:28 +0000 (UTC)


i'm just gonna... post this here and hope it'll encourage me, and others like me, to never do this again.

do not spend money after you didn't get the card you wanted with your free savings. even if you can afford it.

it's so, so, so not worth it and i feel completely awful in hindsight. it's odd, because this isn't like sif for me, where my favorite girl would eventually come home if i tried and waited long enough. this is just... a failure. it was all for nothing, and i had to stop - i already knew the jig was up.

seeing others with the card you tried so hard (in your means, that is) to get in multi lives is really... depressing. that's the only way i can phrase it. it hurts, especially when you've already fced almost every song that awards stars for fcs in the game. there aren't anymore resources, and you just have to throw in the towel altogether. i don't even know what to do anymore, since there wasn't anything else i wanted to pull for this year aside from the popipa christmas event. i'll guess i'll save for that, and truly switch gears to jp (which is currently under a miracle crystal famine)

i'm sorry for bombarding you with posts about that, but if i don't let it out somewhere, i might end up doing this again. if you read this whole thing, well... honestly, i'm surprised you did. please learn from my mistake avoid the heartache and the self-loathing afterwards.