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December 30, 2022 15:01:18 +0000 (UTC)

[email protected]

Hi there! I'm Akira! JPN server player from ID~! EN it's okay, and I can speak a lil bit of JPN.

I start playing bandori JPN when the event "Waiting For Spring's Choco Roll Cake" and the 2nd KF started (31st January). The account I started is already gone, idk who has it but I wish whoever get it, pls treasure it.

The acc here is my friend 2nd acc, she gave it to me when the "And So It Begins, My Sound" started (around June 20th-28th). I also have 2 other accs, but I already gave it to my friends <33

I can't wait for new cards, especially for Mashiro's 2nd bday card. My favorite member are Mashiro and Rimi, and my favorite band is Morfonica~!!

I guess that's it for now. Hope we can be friends! See you on next post and early happy new year for everyone!! ^^