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November 23, 2021 13:15:31 +0000 (UTC)


[color=aqua]Happy! Yay![/color]

[color=blue]Let's say the (magic words) together! (Here we go!)[/color]

[color=yellow]"Happiness! Happy Magical♪"[/color]

Haro Minna-san~! Happy Thanksgiving! It's time to offer my respect to you all!

[color=green]My English writing skill is very weak. Thanks Banpa for giving me space to practice writing English. OwO (btw, I think my skill haven't improved much after 3 yrs)[/color]

[color=violet]Banpa also gave me courage to make graphic edit and meme stuff OwO. You guys had followed and liked my posts so much that I had been intoxicated by fame.[/color]

In my mind, you guys are pure. Evryone is very devoted to their idol (it's good). Evryone liked each other's posts and rarely argue or quarrel. (Because we're lazy to find faults, I think OwO).

[color=orange]Tbh, I've got a new identity here. In Banpa, I behave like I'm a teen gurl (somewhat like Kasumi and Kokoro). In my opinion, deep inside our hearts, we are all pure and all love happiness. OwO[/color]

[color=pink]We're still growing up, but pls keep your mind and heart pure like a child. Keep spreading Happy Magical Words. OwO[/color]