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August 03, 2021 16:44:27 +0000 (UTC)



You read the title. Let's get right into it.

Number 4: Himari Uehara

Image (pictured here is Hi-chan running away from me after I asked for buns.)

Here's the thing about Himari. She doesn't really care about bread at all. If I were to ask her right now to go get buns with me, she'd say "I'm on a NEW diet." And then she'd immediately go buy a new kind of dessert at the store. Also, I think she's still somewhat convinced I send all my calories to her, so there's that.

Number 3: Ran Mitake

Image (pictured here is Ran-chan's act of VIOLENCE after I would so INNOCENTLY ask for a nice little bun.)

Ran's great. But she's a friendship TSUNDERE, and you can quote me on that. If I were to ask her to buy me buns right now, she'd say "Buy them yourself." and just WALK AWAY. Ran also has points taken away for being the one who cares the least about hanging out with friends. I only put her above Hi-chan because she has a slightly higher success rate of buying me buns. This is because although she doesn't act like it, she knows she just can't say no to my little face. She does a lot, though.

Number 2: Tsugumi Hazawa

Image (actual footage of me lovingly taking Tsugu by the hand after she so graciously says yes to buying me buns. Also, I'm wearing a blue wig. That's why my hair is blue. Don't be fooled, it's MY hair.)

Hazawa Coffee is right by Yamabuki Bakery, so Tsugu has a distance advantage. If I were to ask her to buy me buns right now, she'd say, "Sure! I could go for a bun after I finish Student Council work!!". She's also the most likely to actively PAY for my meal. Sweet, sweet Tsugu-chan. The only 2 reasons she's not #1 are because my number 1 is so far ahead of the rest of the game, and also because Tsugu always has so much Student Council work, and is therefore busy for the great Bun Eating.

Number 1: Tomoe Udagawa

Image (Tomo-chin standing outside, waiting for me so we can get buns.)

You guys might be surprised with my choice. Buy let me say, Tomoe is the only person I know who comes close to loving food as much as me. If I were to ask her for buns right now, she'd say "Any time! But you have to pay, because you have all those Point Cards." (she's the only one who remembers I have Point Cards. I love her so much). After getting buns (she's got, like, a 70% chance of paying for me), we'd go get a boatload of ramen, and have the times of out lives. Overall, this is why Tomoe has the #1 spot DOWN.


Himari is "on a diet", Ran is "too cool to eat", Tsugu is "heart-warmingly nice", and Tomoe is "my food buddy 24/7". Does this not technically make Tomo-chin my best friend? HA HA, YOU GUYS, TOMOE IS MY NEW BEST FRIEND. I had fun doing this. Let me know if you want me to BRUTALLY RANK MY FRIENDS ON ANY OTHER CRITERIA. See ya guys, Moca-chan out ;)