August 13, 2018 22:31:12 +0000 (UTC)

Whattup, whattup? I'm suwari  I go by sami too , 15, she/her and from the UK! I've been playing...

Whattup, whattup? I'm suwari (I go by sami too), 15, she/her and from the UK! I've been playing Bandori since July last year (although I lost that account orz) and the English version since day one. (I've also been saving for Tsugu's first 4* since May-June and I have around 30700 stars so far!! This isn't really an important fact but I'm just mentioning it here because I'm proud of myself lmao)

I don't really have a favourite band (although music-wise it's probably HaroHapi but this changes all the time) and my best girls are Tsugu and Maya (it's constantly switching between the two but for now Tsugu's my #1)! My other favourite girls are Ako, Hagumi and Rimi-rin!

My other interests are Assassination Classroom, Revue Starlight and, of course, Love Live! Other mobile games I play include SIF, Love Nikki Dress Up Queen and Food Fantasy (I don't really understand the last one properly yet but the art is pretty so I like it). I'm also planning on playing On Air when it releases!

I'm a casual K-Pop fan too!! I mostly stan girl groups and I'm currently following Produce 48! (stan Takeuchi Miyu and Han Chowon y'all)

Nice to meet you all!!