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February 21, 2021 16:48:30 +0000 (UTC)


bandori characters who would unironically eat pineapple pizza:

  • moca is aware that a majority of the universe loathes pineapple pizza and she doesn’t care. she will eat literally anything even if it’s gross. her appetite cannot be satisfied. also once she ate pineapple pizza in front of her bandmates bc she knew it would piss them off
  • hina would willingly try pineapple pizza bc she’s gotten bored of every generic topping combination and wants something new. she actually likes it because of the interesting flavor
  • kokoro does not care about pizza toppings. like moca above she will eat literally anything
  • nanami genuinely likes pineapple pizza, but she gets judged for it so she only eats it when nobody’s looking
  • felix can’t cook so i believe that also means he has terrible taste in food and would therefore enjoy pineapple pizza
  • kanata doesn’t enjoy pineapple pizza at all but he does eat it just to piss off haruka
  • tadaomi doesn’t understand why people hate pineapple pizza so he eats it to try and get a feel for why it’s nigh-universally hated. he doesn’t mind it
i am so sorry.