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October 27, 2020 21:39:10 +0000 (UTC)



Ichigaya Arisa,

You've been my best girl for the most time I've known Bandori, and you always will be. I love you to no end possible.

I'll have to admit, you started off as one of my least favourite characters judging from your 'spiciness', but you started climbing not long after then. I think it was during the Rose's Name in a Transient World event on EN when I read your introduction episode, and you said that it's not that bad being in a band. That's when I realized you weren't that bad and was showing your politeness at times.

I started reading the previous event stories during the Popipa Christmas event, starting w/ Sakura Blooming Party. I noticed you were mainly silent during the story, and you then let it all out in the end. I also noticed that none of the other Popipa members were scared of you, they were actually glad you came back to your old self. I was finding it really funny, and that's when you started climbing higher and faster. You were officially one of my favourite characters when the CIRCLING event came (Maya was my best girl at the time).

But then, once Popipa's 2nd Band Story came out, it pretty much changed everything on how I viewed you.

I found out that I relate to you on a high personal level, that you hide your issues to prevent becoming a burden to your friends. You've shown then that you actually cared for Popipa, and your honesty was a huge part in your arc in the story. Instead of blaming on your stress of handling both Popipa and school for how you've acted towards Rimi, you admitted that you were in the wrong, and I noticed how much you wanted to fix that issue. I still wished that you were the other 4* for Double Rainbow, b/c you've shown huge development. I hope to see more of it on Band Story 3 soon :)

And we're back at today. Since then, you've been my absolute favourite character in Bandori. I've seen some people putting you at the bottom of their ranks, saying that you were "conceited and rude", and I'll have them know that they're wrong. Absolutely wrong. You're much more than just a tsundere, and I hope more people'll see that.

Happy Birthday, Arisa! Keep being your sweet and beautiful self, the Tsunderella of your fairy tale, and most importantly, Arisa. Here's for more years to come!

(PS: Please come home on EN again ;-; The only 4* I have of you is your summer card)