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October 27, 2020 21:02:19 +0000 (UTC)


We made it! after a whole week of going from one station to the next in less than a day, the Happy party train arrives to its final destination for this month, so let's not waste a minute more and dive right into our last birthday.

Our Honoree today is a lady that a few years back would probably yell at us out of shame just for even think in celebrate her special day...well...even now she probably still will do it but you get the point. A lot of time has pass since we first met that "grumpy" girl whos didn't want to know anything about socialize with other people other than her grandmother and whos only preocupation was take care of her Bonsais, and in this time we were able to watch her break out of her oldself shell, stray away from her comfort zone and ventured into a whole new world.

I'm not gonna lie, during my first months in the franchise our guest today was actually one of my least favourite characters. my first impressions of her were that she was your stereotypical Tsundere but done in a really forced way. But with the pass of the events and specially with the more i knew about her Seiyuu that opinion was gradually until i descover myself calling her my best girl from her band.

But it's getting pretty late so before the day ends let's gather one last time in this month and raise our glasses to wish the best to our lovely vice president of the student council, the "Sweet and Spicy Personality" keyboardist of PoPiPa!

Happy Birthday Arisa!!