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August 04, 2020 22:41:49 +0000 (UTC)


So, fun fact, BanG Dream is what made me want to learn how to play the guitar again! I always thought the guitar was the coolest instrument (thanks in no small part to music videos and sitcoms (I had a Hannah Montana pinata that was guitar-shaped ok, let me live)), and last year, I actually bought one!

For those who want to know the model, it's a Denver Acoustic DF44S-NAT. I initially wanted to get a similar one that was blue (because roselia amirite) but it ended being $200 more eggspensive and also didn't feel as comfortable when I held it.

I procrastinated big time on actually learning to play and I only just picked it back up today and ow my fingers hurt from holding down the strings hahaha

I think I ended up naming my guitar either "Toyama" or "Kasumi" because she too learned guitar from scratch like I am. If I ever manage to focus long enough to properly learn to play, I might get an electric (blue if possible!) and name it after Sayo ;0

also the ESP collab guitars with the Roselia insignia inlayed on the frets is so eggspensive but they look so good...... over $7000 CAD for the original Sayo one?? At least the Roselia straps are only $80ish but hello?? even the gently used second-hand ones I find on ebay are like $4000?? please, ESP, have pity on us

if I have the motivation for it in the future, I may also learn how to play the bass because let'S GO LISA