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April 29, 2018 13:39:25 +0000 (UTC)

I have seen a lot of discourse about Bandori and SIF lately on school idol tomodachi and i thought to myself that with every thing there are both pros and cons.
I decided to make a pros and cons list for Bandori actually and as you caN imagine there are more pros than cons!


• Amazing art!!!
• Events are really fun to play!
• The areas + seeing the girls interact with each other
• Multi-lives - Playing with others and get better rewards for it!
• Cover songs
• The lives can be a bit difficult at times but it's really addictive and fun and to hear your bandmates talking with eachother/encouraging them on


• Stars required for scouting (2500) can be a bit annoying at times since you really have to save up a huge amount to scout a few times to get the desired card/s
• Can't delete cards you don't want/need