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February 10, 2020 04:16:23 +0000 (UTC)


Just finished making a wallpaper for Roselia's new album  specifically the main track  released...

Just finished making a wallpaper for Roselia's new album (specifically the main track) released last last month, "Yakusoku." What do you guys think? I still have the Photoshop file, so I can always change something.

This took a long time to make. First, i had to cut out every character from the background of the cards (except for Rinko and Lisa), since the transparent versions that you can download here have some parts cut off. This part took the longest time since I'm not very familiar with the pen tool on Photoshop, but I think they turned out good in the end. After that I had to find a good background. The background in the cards looked like some sort of cathedral, so I just looked up "cathedral background," and this is the one I found. Then I had to add a gradient to the background because in the cards, the background seemed to go from blue to a reddish color. Finally, i had to add the text, the Roselia logo, and the blue rose.

I also uploaded it to Wallpaper Engine, so if you want to use it with Yakusoku playing in the background, you can download it on there (it's on steam and it does cost a little money).