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July 03, 2018 22:20:33 +0000 (UTC)


So, I Have Been Listening To Love Live Songs From 2013 As I Was Playing BanG Dream. And I Was Listening To "Beat In Angel" And Started Randomly Staring At The New Title And Looked At Ran And I Thought "Life Has Given Me Good Things" So Here's A List Of Rankings If Bandori Girls Were Idols (I May Have Triggered Aya ;-;)

  • Ran: Maki's Voice

  • Kokoro: Rin's Voice

  • Rimi: Hanayo's Voice

  • Kasumi: Honoka's Voice

  • Sayo: Umi's Voice

  • Himari: Kotori's Voice

  • Tomoe: Eli's Voice

  • Arisa: Nozomi's Voice

  • Ako: Nico's Voice

  • Tae: Hanamaru's Voice

  • Kanon: Ruby's Voice

  • Hina: Yoshiko's Voice

  • Chisato: Riko's Voice

  • Hagumi: Chika's Voice

  • Tsugumi: You's Voice

  • Lisa: Mari's Voice

  • Kaoru: Dia's Voice

  • Saaya: Kanan's Voice

Fingers Cry Out In Agony

e// I Should Have Done The Rivals So..

  • Aya: Sarah's Voice

  • Maya: Leah's Voice

  • Rinko: Erena's Voice

  • Yukina: Anju's Voice