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June 22, 2018 04:59:31 +0000 (UTC)


I was wondering if one day I do a Roselia cosplay which girl do I pick and which outfit. My problem with Roselia is that I'm ok to cosplay four of the girls xD And then it stills the outfit problem. How can I choose when I love the majority of Roselia cards? xD So I think I'll do a little top of the outfits I prefer for each girl. Maybe it will help me to choose someday xD


image She's a cat so am I o/ Not a lot to explain xD


image I like this set in general, but I think that the outfit I love the most is Lisa's. Her dress is so perfect and I can imagine how much shiny it is!

image That card is my favorite Lisa's rare card. I feel lucky because it's an event card so I can obtain it "easily". The dress corset is just splendid and reminds me of the first XVIII strapless corsets. I think this outfit has a lot of potential in a photoshoot (sexy poses here I am 8D).


image The first event card that I farm. I obtained her in two days. If I choose to cosplay Rinko there's no doubt that it will be this outfit!


image This card is one of my favorite for all the game. I love "universe" themed outfits so this lot of stars an shiny is just beautiful.

image I just can't resist to asymmetrical skirts xD

So there they are. All those outfits tempt me as cosplay projects but I really don't know which to choose ^.^"

I'm really sorry about the time you wasted if you read it all ^.^"