February 04, 2019 15:13:16 +0000 (UTC)


I know this bandwagon is kinda over but I didn't jump on it in time, so here's my version of an event I'd like to see!

Press Start to play!!

Attribute: Powerful

Type: Live Try!

Event Song: Kakushinteki*Metamaruphose by Hello, Happy World!

Gacha: Neon Discovery Gacha

4*s: ImageImage

Gacha 3*: Image

Event 3*: Image

Event 2*: Image


A new arcade has opened up nearby recently, and Rinko wants to check it out, but Ako hasn't had the time as of late because she needs to study for tests and she's reluctant to go alone. Hagumi wants to go too, so when she overhears Rinko talking about it to Sayo during break at school, she proposes they all go together. Sayo initially turns them down, but when Hagumi invites Kokoro, who in turn invites Hina, she feels like she has to be there for damage control.

They all go to the arcade and it's pretty much just an event focused on them all playing the different games and bonding. Hagumi and Rinko in particular get really into it and at one point, Rinko is so absorbed in the game, she becomes much more confident and everybody is surprised (just like in the NFO event) but really happy for her. At the end of the day, Rinko falls into bed, completely exhausted but also very happy, and she decides that she wants to spend more time with Hagumi and the others outside of band work.

Small highlights include Sayo being complete and utter garbage at any game she tries, Hina and Hagumi's racing game showdown, Misaki working at the arcade dressed as Michelle since she owed the owner a favour, and the suits contemplating to rig the machines so Kokoro always wins (Kokoro shuts them down, of course).


The trained are mostly dark with lots of neon lights. Think the PoPiPa DreamFes cards, but with more colours and lots of pixel-y, game related things in the background! The base of the outfits is black for all of them and they have cyber versions of their instruments (think NFO Rinko).

Rinko ("Another side of me")

  • untrained: playing at a pinball machine with a focused look on her face while Hagumi and Hina go :o in the background. (This card is also what you see on the event page.)
  • trained: holding laser guns and smiling confidently, with Hagumi standing back-to-back with her like Ako in her untrained NFO card, also holding laser guns and wearing a bright smile

Hagumi ("Armed with enthusiasm!")

  • untrained: coming through the door of the arcade, waving, alongside Kokoro. You can see the back of Rinko's head as she's turned toward them to say hello.
  • trained: sitting on a Tetris block as you can see the row below her light up, about to be deleted. Rinko is next to her, looking down at that row.

Hina ("Racetrack of destiny")

  • untrained: in her racing game showdown with Hagumi, eyes sparkly and tongue bleping out just a little bit.
  • trained: in a mock-up of Space Invaders, she's sitting on a small spaceship while it's shooting at suspiciously Michelle-shaped aliens.

Sayo ("Out of my element")

  • untrained: trying and failing horribly to play Pac-Man. Rinko is looking over her shoulder with a ^_^" kind of smile.
  • trained: y'know how Arisa looks on her Christmas 3*? Imagine an expression kinda like that, but with Sayo clutching her cyber guitar desperately while she's falling through an oversized pinball machine. Please help her.

Kokoro ("Michelle prizes?!")

  • trained: jumping all excitedly and holding a Michelle plushie (that they give out as prizes at the arcade).

okay that was a lot but! here we go. I've always wanted an arcade set in SIF but BanDori could do it even better with its card format. couple that with Rinko/Hagumi friendship and more events of Rinko growing more comfortable with everyone and you have something I'd love to see! we had an RPG event, sure, but arcades are something much different, so it could bring out a side of her we haven't seen much of yet.

this'd be a very high energy event, and I just made it a Live Try cause that's my favourite event type, lol ... but either way it was fun thinking of this! I might try and design the outfits someday, hehe.