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December 01, 2021 17:09:59 +0000 (UTC)


I dont get yukimaya I dont really see them talk in game, is it shipped because of that one interaction when yukina told may shes a good drummer? I dont get the hype for a ship with such little interaction between the characters.

December 01, 2021 05:17:35 +0000 (UTC)

   color=yellow HAPPY DECEMBER /color 
Let's check in evryday and get Kokoro badge OwO

[color=yellow]HAPPY DECEMBER[/color]

Let's check-in evryday and get Kokoro badge OwO

November 02, 2021 23:57:09 +0000 (UTC)


Could the sayotsugu enjoyers possibly explain why they like it so much?

It seems strangely popular for a ship that not only has very few interactions but also has a (in my opinion) really boring dynamic? I'm curious

November 22, 2021 04:05:32 +0000 (UTC)


im so exited for the doremi collab!

i feel as if people have been waiting for the collab on en for so long now, so im glad its finally gonna happen

November 30, 2021 04:07:23 +0000 (UTC)


why is en so cursed when it comes to events?

recently there are sp many issues, and now with the doremi collab..

November 28, 2021 18:54:17 +0000 (UTC)

Next one up! Emi Cihiru


School: Tsukinomori Girls Acadamy...

Next one up! Emi Cihiru


School: Tsukinomori Girls Acadamy


Likes:Beans and Potato’s

Dislikes:High calorie food

Personality:A kind and hardworking girl who is like the “mom” to the band and pushes them to do there best. Her optimism often clashes with Shizukus pessimism. However,they are surprisingly the closest together compared to there band mates.

November 28, 2021 23:00:17 +0000 (UTC)

Last but not least! Kaya Tsuyuri


School:Tsukinomori Girls Academy 


Last but not least! Kaya Tsuyuri


School:Tsukinomori Girls Academy

Position: Drummer

Likes:Bell Peppers and Dark Chocolate

Dislikes: Anything too chewy

Personality: A cheerful and enthusiastic girl who is passionate about her hobbies. She is good friends with Morofonicas guitarist Touko. Nevertheless,she is lind with everyone she meets like her band mates.

November 23, 2021 16:56:14 +0000 (UTC)

  Petite Idol Studio   Colors of Autumn

Are you ready for another beautiful fall full of BanG Dream...

Petite Idol Studio - Colors of Autumn

Are you ready for another beautiful fall full of BanG Dream and fun? So are we! That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate this falling-leaves-season with a photography contest!

Use your creativity to think of a beautiful fall-themed photo, then grab your camera and make it come to life with your merch or your own creations!

Share it with the rest of the community, and help us spread excitement for another Bandori-filled fall!

  • Your photo doesn't need to be fall-themed if you don't feel like it.
  • If you don't own merch, you're free to use your creativity to create your own scene, such as printing out or drawing some of the characters.


[utcdate=2021-11-22T17:00:00][/utcdate] - [utcdate=2021-12-22T17:00:00][/utcdate]

Ends in [countdown=2021-12-22T17:00:00][/countdown]

How to enter?

  1. Post on ⭐️ Bandori Party 🎸
  2. Check the box for the Petite Idol Studio - Colors of Autumn tag
  3. You're in!


Participants prizes

Participation badge

  • All participants will get a badge on their ⭐️ Bandori Party 🎸 profile


  • 1 random participant will get a prize (one chance per user)
  • 1 participant with the most fall-themed entry will get a prize
  • 1 participant that showcases impressive photography skills will get a prize

Stretch goals:

  • If we get more than 20 entries, we will add 1 random winner.
  • If we get more than 50 entries, we will add 2 runner up winners, one for fall, one for photography.

Pick your prize between:

  • 1 transparent ITA bag with pockets for items

    transparent ITA bag with pockets for items transparent ITA bag with pockets for items

  • 1 6-pack of mini star transparent acrylic stands

    6-pack of mini star transparent acrylic stands

  • 1 BanG Dream! physical prize of your choice✽ (official merch)

    BanG Dream! Official merch

  • 1 BanG Dream! art commission of your choice

  • 1 BanG Dream! graphic edit commission of your choice

    Digital prizes commisions

✽Subject to availability

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These special events are made possible thanks to the support of our warm-hearted donators. If you wish to support us for both our future special events and to cover the cost of our expensive servers in which our site run, please consider donating on Patreon.

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Collaboration event


Petite Idol Studio - Colors of Autumn is organized in collaboration with School Idol Tomodachi, Idol Story and Bandori Party.


September 11, 2021 03:34:16 +0000 (UTC)


cover song wishlist

WARNING: will probably be long lol

Poppin' Party:

  • Brave Shine (Fate UBW OP 2)
  • Colors (Code Geass OP 1) (covered by Afterglow)
  • Paper Moon (Soul Eater OP 2)
  • Hikari no Metamorphosis (Stella Glow op)


  • Ambiguous (Kill la Kill OP 2)
  • One Reason (Deadman Wonderland op)
  • Rolling Girl (Vocaloid)
  • Tokyo Teddy Bear (Vocaloid)


  • Connect (Madoka Magica OP)
  • Bon Appetit S (Blend S OP) (covered by HHW)
  • Clover Club (Vocaloid)


  • Gurenge (Demon Slayer OP)
  • Ashes to Ashes (KAITO song)
  • Katayoku no Tori (Umineko when they cry op 1)
  • Shinzou wo Sasageyo! (SNK op 3)


  • Shinryaku no Susume (Squid Girl op 1)
  • This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committiee


  • The Edge of Dawn (Fire Emblem: Three Houses)
  • Kaze no Travelers (Rune Factory 4 op)
  • Aku no Musume (Vocaloid)


  • Inner Universe (Ghost in the shell SAC op 1)
  • X.U (Seraph of the End op 1)
  • World's End Dancehall (Vocaloid)
  • Nostalogic (Vocaloid)
  • Devil Trigger (Devil May Cry)
  • Never Say Never (Danganronpa the animation op)
  • Devilman no Uta (2018 ver.) (Devilman Crybaby)


  • Afterglow x Yukina: Resonance (Soul Eater OP 1) ((pls 🥺))
  • Morfonica x Yukina: Kuusou Mesorogiwi (Mirai Nikki op 1)
  • RAS x Kokoro: Matryoshka (Vocaloid)
  • Roselia x Morfonica: Magia (Madoka Magica ED)
November 23, 2021 13:15:31 +0000 (UTC)


[color=aqua]Happy! Yay![/color]

[color=blue]Let's say the (magic words) together! (Here we go!)[/color]

[color=yellow]"Happiness! Happy Magical♪"[/color]

Haro Minna-san~! Happy Thanksgiving! It's time to offer my respect to you all!

[color=green]My English writing skill is very weak. Thanks Banpa for giving me space to practice writing English. OwO (btw, I think my skill haven't improved much after 3 yrs)[/color]

[color=violet]Banpa also gave me courage to make graphic edit and meme stuff OwO. You guys had followed and liked my posts so much that I had been intoxicated by fame.[/color]

In my mind, you guys are pure. Evryone is very devoted to their idol (it's good). Evryone liked each other's posts and rarely argue or quarrel. (Because we're lazy to find faults, I think OwO).

[color=orange]Tbh, I've got a new identity here. In Banpa, I behave like I'm a teen gurl (somewhat like Kasumi and Kokoro). In my opinion, deep inside our hearts, we are all pure and all love happiness. OwO[/color]

[color=pink]We're still growing up, but pls keep your mind and heart pure like a child. Keep spreading Happy Magical Words. OwO[/color]