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December 28, 2019 18:15:00 +0000 (UTC)

Credit to Okusawamiikun!

  DAY 9: Favorite Roselia Song

Alright, people, it’s day 9 and time...

Credit to Okusawamiikun!

DAY 9: Favorite Roselia Song

Alright, people, it’s day 9 and time for my favorite Roselia song! This one’s actually my second/third (it ties with B.O.F.) favorite song in the entire game . . .



As if I didn’t love this song enough already for the Japanese version, @akaoi translated it into an English version, and now I can sing the words I don’t know in Japanese in English! (Thanks a bunch, Akaoi!)

Can’t you just picture me dancing around the house singing “All that has hurt you and all that has killed you and all that has left you a broken crying soul, I will defeat it and OPEN UP THE DOOOOOOOOOOR”

Yep. Nope? Okay. Moving on.

The rhythm and tune are amazing, for one thing, and also the lyrics and meaning of the song. I actually wrote a whole page about what it meant and stuff but . . . Yeah, I won’t share that, lol.

So, the meaning and lyrics! The song is talking about how all of the members of Roselia were alone and they felt unappreciated until they met each other, and then they united as one, always having each other’s backs.

I hold you beautiful prouder, so beautiful braver, so beautiful brighter, your pride lights up the— okay, yeah. Sorry.

But guys, hold on— a close second is



Akaoi also made an English translation of this one! The end part is so high-pitched . . . You have talent, Akaoi . . .

Anyway. I love this song just for the tune, because . . . SO CATCHY.

Enough said.

No. Not enough said.


“Jahlest, yo are my dealest”

So . . . Idk lovable?


December 29, 2019 01:23:13 +0000 (UTC)

I've been holding onto these AP's from 'Wholehearted Song for Me' onwards because... I don't know,...

I've been holding onto these AP's from 'Wholehearted Song for Me' onwards because... I don't know, but I know the first two were on the same day as my Luminous AP, so I probably didn't wanna post more. I've still got it. And I've redeemed myself with Alien Alien.

Remember when I said I wanted to full AP Wonderland Girl? I might actually go do that now.
December 28, 2019 07:00:53 +0000 (UTC)

Day 2
  Bandori! 30 Day Challenge: Favourite PoPiPa Character

    Rimi Ushigome
Rimi is my...

Day 2

Bandori! 30 Day Challenge: Favourite PoPiPa Character

Rimi Ushigome

Rimi is my all-time favourite PoPiPa member. She used to be really low on my list, but then I decided to give her a chance and started to understand her. Actually, Tae used to be my favourite because she was awesome but that changed once I started to focus on Rimi.

Your first impressions on Rimi would usually be shy, emotional, the cutie and a bit annoying. Although those traits are some-what right, her overall trait is quirky. Her quirkiness may not be as strong as other characters like Himari, but her main aspect is that. Her love for Chocolate is adorable and always puts a smile on my face, especially that scene from the 'Start of a New Session' event.

Her design. Rimi's design is a bit simple but in a world of girls with completely different personalities and eccentric looks, simple is usually good. Her short posture gives a sort-off weak aura and her voice is a bit high. High voices usually come off as annoying but it's easy to get used to. I absolutely adore her singing voice and honestly thinks its really good.

Her development. Her development as a character isn't really that strong but you can see her grow up as a character over-all. Especially in the ones which feature Yuri in it.

In conclusion, choco corone is best corone

December 25, 2019 18:40:37 +0000 (UTC)


Hi guys! Here I'm just going to share my 100% honest opinion about the new singles since all 6 bands have released theirs for season 3! This is going to be long so get ready!

Poppin' Party


Um ngl the new theme song made me cry. Enough said. #jk you thot So yeah, the new Popipa sound and actually the new sound of all of the bands are I N C R E D I B L E. I loved the passion and emotion conveyed by Popipa. It reminded me of Teardrops (like the only other song that is in a minor key). Yeah it made me cry, and I don't even speak Japanese so that was kind of amazing how well Popipa can convey emotion. Wow, stan Popipa 4 lyfe.



Ok I think their glam up took over the internet more than Baby Yoda so I'll just leave it at Himari best girl. I feel like Easy Come Easy Go is a nod to the original Afterglow sound, and I really like how the different members got a solo (HIMARI HAS A DOKIDOKI VOICE). But いつ戻りのBrand New Days was amazing. It actually in the beginning reminded me of like a really weird mix of original Afterglow, Pasupare, and Popipa. Anyway, their new sound is AMAZING and needs to get recognized for its greatness. The drums were toned down a bit (NO SHADE TOMOE) and keyboard got more of a voice, which I liked.



Again beautiful album cover; ofc Maya is left out as usual, and Hina is reaching for my wig about to snatch it. Wakuwaku meets Torippu was interesting... not like anything I have ever heard from the band. It's a bop none the less, especially with every girl getting her solo. Nothing beats Kyu~MaiFlower, but still it was weird. But then Gyuu days was much more of a bop. I liked the trumpet and glockenspiel percussion that paid homage to ShuwarinDreamin. It was really cute and felt more like Pasupare, but I still feel like the band is going a bit away from the iconic style that I really liked.



Again I have to say, the first album song Yakusoku was just not doing it for me. It felt like the original gothic, church bell Roselia with Black Shout that I didn't enjoy that much; I wish they had gone off of their new style found in the latest albums. "UNIONS" Road was pretty good; I liked the sound of it. I'm still searching for that upbeat, intense passion I found in Fire Bird, Ringing Bloom, and Neo-Aspect.

Hello, Happy World!


I think this was really the only band who actually stayed true to the sound they created with their season 2 single. Always a pleaser. I love the new police costumes and the songs are fun. Not much to say just Haro Hapi doin' their thing to make the whole world smile. I'm proud to actually hear the guitar and bass, whereas it used to basically be Misaki and Kokoro as all I could hear (with a hint of Kanon).



Omg I cannot believe the transformation of this band. They went from being a backup band to being the best band. Yes, unpopular opinion, but it's true. Think about RIOT; it sounded like bad dub step. Now, their music is filled with emotion and is raw yet is still both electronic and electrifying. Their music is filled with passion and intensity that inspires me. The complexity of Drive Us Crazy is unprecedented and honestly makes the other bands look bad. Same with Hell! or Hell? which showed off Chu2's amazing DJ and rapping skills. Layer has a very rich and luscious voice that sets the band apart. Can we just give Lock an award for all of her right hand fretting, plz??? And Chu2 rapping gives me life (Kokoro has been dethroned, yes). It's time that RAISE A SUILEN gets added to Girls Band Party. It's been long enough. They have enough songs and they deserve the recognition that their music equivocates.

Anyway, after that long rant, you can see my thoughts. Thanks for reading! Stay fleeting! Happy Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, etc.

December 24, 2019 19:21:22 +0000 (UTC)


I just wanted to tell you that Afterglow and Kokoro will cover GO!!! (Naruto op)

This is going to be the most amazing cover in a while...

December 24, 2019 16:56:18 +0000 (UTC)


Let's see how many Popipa songs say doki doki

-Yes! BanG_Dream!

-Kirakira datoka yume datoka Sing Girls

-Yumemiru Sunflower


-Christmas no Uta


-Watashi no Kokoro wa Choco Cornet

-Double Rainbow


Wow not as much as I thought... Oh well

December 24, 2019 17:24:40 +0000 (UTC)

Credit to Okusawamiikun!

  DAY 5: Favorite Afterglow Song
Oh, this is such a hard one, I love so...

Credit to Okusawamiikun!

DAY 5: Favorite Afterglow Song

Oh, this is such a hard one, I love so many of Afterglow’s songs! I narrowed them down for quite a while and finally picked three that I couldn’t choose between.

Number one,

Tied to the Skies!


I love this song, more so when I finished reading Afterglow’s second band story (which I truly loved.) The song and the story both conveyed the storyline of them changing but still remaining under the same sky, remaining “the same as always.”

Plus the rhythm and song lyrics and tune and everything are awesome. I love Tied to the Skies. Ta ta, I’m going to listen to it now.

Wait, I forgot my second song—



Scarlet Sky was the first Afterglow song I ever played and the first one to get stuck in my head, as I mentioned in my Day 1 post. So it’s not entirely about the song itself that makes it my favorite (although it IS really great) but the emotion and nostalgia attached to it, even though I only joined Bandori a few months ago, haha.

And finally . . .



I love Rumbling Memory, especially the beatmap, it’s super fun to play! And the way Ran says “Rumbling Memory” (“LANbuling Memolee”) is so irresistible! Plus it was paired with my favorite event ever. Enough said.

December 22, 2019 00:26:04 +0000 (UTC)


im bored so whats the hardest songs based on released EN songs imo hmmm

  • 21: Himawari no Yakusoku
  • 22: Poppin' Shuffle
  • 23: Hikaru Nara
  • 24: Kimagure Romantic
  • 25: Pride Revolution
  • 27: Gokai or ONENESS idk i cant choose
  • 28: Re:birth Day
  • 29: Ringing Bloo- wait

anyways theres too many 25s and 26s also ringing bloom should be a 29

December 22, 2019 15:08:31 +0000 (UTC)

  DAY 3: Favorite PoPiPa Song
 image O F y1NBDQ.png 


DAY 3: Favorite PoPiPa Song



I really love this song. For one thing, the rhythm and tune are amazing and it’s super catchy.

For the next thing . . .

Tae sings it with Kasumi! (Doesn’t that answer everything, lol?)

It’s kind of funny how I think my three best girls, no matter who they are at the time, are amazing singers. Well, obviously Arisa and Tae are amazing, but some people think singing Moca just sounds weird.

I think she sounds adorable. :3

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked here. Tae sounds incredible in B.O.F along with Kasumi . . . And the lyrics are great, too!

It was way shorter today, but I hope you enjoyed it! :)