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「The top is ours. Victory is a matter of course.」
A rock band from Otaru, Hokkaidou, that was formed by five high schoolers, four of which come from wealthy families. They aim to reach the top of the world with the best songs they can make.

Hiiragi Mae (Vo.) // Hiiragi Ria (Gt.) // Amane Ichirou (Ba.) // Haiki Kaede (Key.) // Ranmaru Hayato (Dr.) // band story



「Like the inside of a kaleidoscope in which brilliant colours are dancing, our music, too, should shine like a prism.」
A previously established band from Otaru, Hokkaidou, that recently lost its vocalist. Struggling to keep their sound, they recruited Hanami Ikuto to fill the space that was left.

Hanami Ikuto (Vo.) // Kasura Ryuuji (Gt.) // Miyadera Suguru (Ba.) // Shimano Hajime (Key.) // Shizukawa Minami (Dr.)

aurora aurea

「Say, if you were given the chance to reach out and touch the stars, as long as you put everything on the line – would you take it?」
A newly formed all-male band from Ishikari, Hokkaidou, that bewitches its audience with its unique blend of symphonic and modern music. Lacking a guitar, the violin takes the main spotlight alongside the vocals by Inoue Rinto, formerly from *KALEIDOSKOPE.

Inoue Rinto (Vo.&Ba.) // Haiki Yanagi (Vn.) // Kagehira Daichi (Dr.) // Kashima Yuuta (Key.) // Takigawa Inari (Flt.)


「A magical girl's job is to banish the evils that threaten the people and help everyone to smile every day!」
A magical girl-themed band from Tokyo that puts on colourful and vibrant shows for their fans in order to make them happy. When they enter the stage, they transform into musical allies of love and justice, chasing away the shadows of this world.

Saitou Aguri (Vo.) // Yumeoji Kaguya (Gt.) // Kagami Setsuna (Gt.) // Hidaka Ana (Ba.) // Tsukimiya Riko (Dr.)


「Not only are we gonna show 'em the best show they've ever seen - we're gonna show them a world they couldn't even dream of.」
A peculiar electronic band that previously only performed online via V-Tuber avatars. Dreaming of turning their fantasies into reality, they push forward in both technology and music, blending them into a truly unique performance.

Nekura Minato (Vo.&Key.) // Shikage Nami (Ba.) // ...


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